Exhibition Booth Trends You May Have Missed

We know what it’s like. Businesses often fail to see the wood for the trees. Fortunately, we keep our fingers on the pulse of exhibition booth trends so that you don’t have to. Here’s the lowdown on what has our attention at the moment and how you can use these insights to boost your own business at your next trade show.

learning about a good trade show booth

A Newbies Guide to Exhibition Booths

Like any business investment, your organization wants to see a return on the money and time it puts into a trade show. Many make the mistake of thinking that merely showing up and talking to a few people is enough. Another common mistake is that an organization puts a lot of effort into the trade show without determining how to measure success. Knowing that you’ve succeeded during a trade show requires a careful approach and hard data. Without that, you’re going on nothing but a gut feeling. You won’t know what you did or how much it benefited or hindered your business.

rendered conference display booth

Our Favorite Conference Booth Displays

Whenever you attend trade shows, you will always find one booth that stands head and shoulders above the rest. If that booth happens to be yours – well done! You have achieved a level of greatness that other booth holders dream of achieving. If it’s not your booth, this is your opportunity to study the best booths and see what you can learn.
Great design takes skill and practice so look to the masters and see how you can use their techniques to improve your booth design. When it comes to trade show booths, we often think we’ve seen it all, but businesses continue to surprise us with smart, stunning, and innovative designs.

neon conference booth lit up

Conference Booths: Things You’re Forgetting

The date is set, and you’re all booked in to attend a trade show. You’ve been super busy getting everything prepared, designing your booth and letting customers know where you’re going to be. You think you’ve got everything prepared and that you’ve remembered to do all the essential stuff, but are there critical aspects you’re forgetting?

trade show conference floor with banners

How to Solve the Most Common Issues With Trade Show Banners

We love trade show banners for their versatility, durability, and affordability. When designed well, they should be easy to move, easy to set up, and employ proven strategies to generate buzz. If you’re thinking that your trade show banners have not managed to be all those things and more, however, you are likely dealing with one of the common issues with trade show banners.