Exhibition Booth Trends You May Have Missed

We know what it’s like. Businesses often fail to see the wood for the trees. Fortunately, we keep our fingers on the pulse of exhibition booth trends so that you don’t have to.

Here’s the lowdown on what has our attention at the moment and how you can use these insights to boost your own business at your next trade show.

Eco-Friendly Exhibition Booths

As the public becomes more concerned and active about the environment, so do businesses. Expect this trend to continue. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the trade show industry is one of the largest producers of waste. If your business can be seen helping to clean up the trade show act, your customers will appreciate it. And you’ll have an advantage over any business that does not do the same.

Even if your business has not made plans to be more eco-friendly, using recycled and recyclable materials at trade shows is a very visible and much-appreciated step in the right direction. Businesses of all sizes in all industries can take steps to be more eco-friendly.

Whether your business commits to using recyclable packaging, using less paper, or being more transparent about its practices, share your eco-credentials. Eco-friendly design at a trade show is a great way to get this message across, establish your authority, and inspire other businesses.

Modular Exhibition Displays

Following on neatly from eco-friendly exhibition booths, we should talk about modular exhibition displays in particular. We are seeing more and more of these. They offer attendees flexible design options that are easy to create and fun for visitors.

Modular displays use blocks that can be put together in various ways, making them very reusable, as well as clever. They are a great option for businesses with smaller budgets, not only because they can easily reuse the materials, but because they can add to the building blocks as their needs and budgets expand.

Showing Off

Companies continue to attempt to beat their performance of previous years and outdo the current competition. Getting attention is more difficult than ever as competition keeps getting higher.

Props and themes are useful, but resist the urge to cross the line over to using gimmicks. We advise that you find a relevant way to make your display shareable in some way. A wall that offers your visitors a photo opportunity alongside your branding is a rising trend. And don’t hold back on branded giveaways.


Ultimately, brands want customers to interact. Start at the trade show. Get your visitors engaging with your brand by having physical activity incorporated into your display. We recommend finding a way to let your visitors get hands-on and have fun. This will improve their perception of your brand and how favorably they remember it.

Providing a product demonstration and letting visitors have a go for themselves is a great way to encourage interaction with your brand. Don’t forget to have your social media tags visible so that shared images increase your brand recognition and brand awareness.

Interactive games and puzzles also provide fun ways for your visitors to interact with your business. LCD touch screens and virtual reality are popular ways to create buzz and achieve interactivity. Whether you go for a hi-tech or a low-tech solution, providing a multisensory experience can help make your brand more interesting to visitors.

Virtual Reality

This trend is so powerful, this is the second time we’ve mentioned it here. According to Greenlight VR Research, more than half of consumers report being more likely to buy from a brand sponsoring a VR experience.

One of the major benefits of VR is that it allows potential customers to experience your product in an immersive and engaging way. Whether you sell skiing holidays or thermal underwear, there will be VR opportunities for creativity, advertising, and boosting engagement so keep your eye on this technology.

LED Lighting

Another tech trend to watch, the use of creative lighting is a popular trend that helps businesses create more compelling experiences. Strings of LEDs and other lighting products allow exhibitors to easily add accents to their displays, which can go a long way to adding visual interest without adding significant expense.

While strips of LEDs can pick out elements such as counter edges to make a booth look more impressive, some booths take lighting to the next level and provide glowing chairs and other stand out elements. This can be particularly effective when the colors are aligned with the firm’s branding.

The tech typically used for events such as fashion shows has now firmly made its way to exhibit spaces. Responsive, kinetic lighting is useful for creating a multisensory experience, which can help brands attract visitors and encourage them to share their experiences.

Putting Products Front and Center

People are catching on to the fact that most people at trade shows want to see products in action! For this reason, many businesses are going out of their way to put their products into the hands of their potential customers. While some businesses turn to virtual reality, many businesses offer good old-fashioned physical products! Letting your customers try a product for themselves and discover new features is a simple but effective way to get people interacting with your brand.

These are some growing trends to look out for in 2020. To stay ahead of the curve, feel free to get in touch with our experienced and attentive experts at The Exhibit Company. We are looking forward to sharing the wealth of our experience and helping you create an exhibition booth display that embodies your brand and commands attention.