Best Practices for Exhibit Furnishings

Best Practices for Exhibit Furnishings Furniture and decor can turn a good exhibit into a great one – if you give these often-overlooked elements the attention they deserve. I feel like I say this about all areas of trade show exhibiting, but every component of your program serves a specific purpose that is just waiting […]

Trade Show Booth Trends: Design and Tech

At the end of every year, we like to get together with a few industry experts and place our bets on what trade show booth trends will be hot next year. This year, we sat down with Dave Stamm, CEO of Stamm Media and Ben Synborski, President of SYNDESIGN to hear which trends were booming […]

The Z: Planning for the Gen Z Attendee

There’s a mystery to Gen Z that I think even we as members of the generation can’t quite figure out for ourselves. We are self-driven, fiercely independent and full of ambition—at least on the inside, and for the most part, we’re aware of all our good. Sometimes, it feels like the world isn’t. Unfortunately, what […]

Custom Exhibit Booths

How to Create Your Custom Trade Show Displays

In a sea of businesses, custom trade show displays can help yours stand out. Trade shows are a great way to gain awareness and meet prospective buyers. In order to catch people’s attention, you need a trade show booth design that exhibits company branding. This will enable you to get noticed even when everyone is there hoping […]

Setting the stage for Business, Education and Inspiration

Event professionals and suppliers have happily descended upon Las Vegas since 2011 for IMEX America, but this year is shaping up to be an even more joyful experience for everyone involved, as they join with peers in-person again after a long and challenging hiatus due to the pandemic. IMEX America 2021, billed as a “homecoming […]

Creating an Engaging Immersive Event

When was the last time you attended a great company event? For many people, it was at least a year and a half ago, before the global pandemic and resulting lockdowns took hold. In part, this is because we instinctively think about an “event” as something that happens in person. But more pertinently, it’s because […]

Setting a Budget in a Post-Pandemic World

Doing more with less is nothing new for event planners. But with so many mitigating factors leading to uncertainty up to the big day, the cost of doing business isn’t going to shrink — even if your budget has. The world is reopening but the people in it are not the same as before the […]

The Six Pitfalls of Bad Branding

The Six Pitfalls of Bad Branding Branding doesn’t just happen. It’s like every other business asset you’ve created. It takes time, effort and thoughtful action. Branding gives you and your employees a guidebook of how you want customers, clients, stakeholders and the general public to see and experience your business. And like any good guidebook, […]