Lessons You Can Learn From Trade Show Banner Mistakes

Banners are an essential part of any trade show booth set-up. They’re the window into your business and have the job of being as informative as they are eye-catching. Being such a prominent part of the display, it’s vital that they look the very best they can. Often, they’re the first thing people notice about […]

Lanza trade show banner stand

Our Favorite Trade Show Banner Stands

You don’t need high technology to advertise at a trade show. There are many excellent new developments, including media walls, digital photo booths, and virtual reality, but traditional, tried and true methods are solid performers. Advertising with banner stands is a good way to help create an effective booth.

inexpensive booth display

Have a Fantastic Exhibition Booth With Minimal Spending

You want to get your small business in front of more customers, but you don’t have a large budget. One way to get significant exposure and hit your target market is by attending a trade show or expo. These are geared up towards one specific type of industry and are crammed full of people who are interested in it. They offer great marketing potential, therefore, and you can get a lot of bang for your buck. Here’s the catch though. Trade shows can be very expensive.

awesome convention trade show booth

Features of Display Booths That Everyone Loves

When designing your trade show booth, it’s easy to think that you need to have a huge budget. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that something flashy will draw crowds and be successful. While it’s true that show-stopping booths do turn heads, smaller and more simple booths can garner just as much attention if done the right way. The trick is to focus on booth features that people enjoy and eye-catching details that make individuals stop and want to find out more. The good news is that these features don’t cost the earth so no matter what your budget, they’re easy to implement. They require some careful thought and planning, though, so start working on your booth design plenty of time in advance. This way, you’ll be able to make as much impact as you would like when show day arrives.

A great trade show booth

Amazing Hacks for Successful Display Booths

The downside to trade shows and expos is that they are often very expensive. A booth situated in a prime spot can set you back a fair amount. Booth designs can run into the thousands or even hundreds of thousands. On top of that, you have all the marketing, branding and freebies required to draw people over. So, while being part of a big trade show offers you an excellent opportunity to get yourself seen, it can be very costly initially too. That’s not to say that you can’t exhibit at a trade show on a budget. With careful and thoughtful planning, it is possible to make your booth stand out, even if you don’t have a lot of cash. Read on to find out our amazing hacks for having a successful booth on the cheap.

storytelling at a tradeshow

Telling Your Story: Trade Show Booth Tips

So how do you get your booth to stand out? The art of storytelling is a skill that has been passed down through the ages. A great story is captivating, inspires emotion and leaves people wanting more. In order for your product or service to rise above the competition, you need to tell a genuine story that people believe in.