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The Zen of Conference Booth Displays

“Zen pretty much comes down to three things — everything changes; everything is connected; pay attention.” – Jane Hirshfield With this in mind, here’s how to apply Zen practice to excellent conference booth design, forgetting the mistakes of past events, letting go of the outcome, and removing false boundaries that would otherwise hold us and our businesses back.

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Designing a Trade Show Booth: Real-Life Lessons

Each trade show and each organization exhibiting at a show is different, but through our time in the industry, we have found some common truths across trade shows and companies of all sizes and types. Read on to find out more about what we’ve learned along the way so that you can apply this information to your next booth. And, as always, we’re always available to put our expertise to work for you so you can sit back and relax knowing we have your booth design under control.

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How Green is Your Trade Show Booth?

In 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that the Trade Show Industry was the second largest producer of waste by volume after construction. In the US, this waste was estimated at 600,000 tons of waste a year (1). It’s easy to see why, single-use banner stands and exhibit materials, lots of glossy brochures, and promotional gifts often made of plastic all quickly add up and a lot of it ended up in landfill.

Hire An Exhibit Company That Provides Turnkey Services

Hire An Exhibit Company That Provides Turnkey Services

Now that you’ve decided that you want to set up an exhibition booth at a trade show, you’ve got a lot to organize. From figuring out the design of your exhibit to adding technology to the booth, preparation can be time-consuming. This is why there are trade show management companies to help you through the process.

15 Winning Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

There are several ways to design your trade show booth for your upcoming show. The perfect colors and creative elements could make your trade show booth one of the best at the event. You want to make sure customers walk away from the trade show remembering your business.

12 Display Ideas for a Dynamic 10×10 Trade Show Booth

12 Display Ideas for a Dynamic 10×10 Trade Show Booth

If you’ll be using a 10×10 booth display for your next trade show, it’s important the exhibit looks its best. There are lots of ideas to add design and color to your exhibit. Consider the “personality” of your company when coming up with display themes. Remember the exhibit can serve as an effective marketing tool.