Linear Displays

10x20s and 10x30s are most often in the linear configuration. The space allows room for more people and even a seating area. You’re still limited to an 8-foot height restriction in all standard spaces.

Linear Displays can be the best choice for many exhibitors. They provide an appearance which is great for branding your company. They can be customized with graphics and accessories. They can be highly portable with an easy set-up and take down. Tables can provide additional space for displaying products and literature. Personalized business graphics can make an impact and create a welcoming environment which will attract visitors. Visitors can turn into leads, customers, and future partners.

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Tangut 10x20 custom rental display
Tangut 10x20 custom rental display
Unwash 10x30 custom rental display
Green Hills 30ft display wall rental
Suncrest custom aluminum extrusion display
Aagard 10x30 extrusion rental display

In an exhibit hall, some 10×20 or 10×30 spaces are going to end up with an aisle on one side, otherwise known as a corner booth. Corner booths are nice because you get more visibility from two aisles instead of visibility from only one.
10 x 20 display rentals are often designed to be reconfigured into a 10 x 10 booth. Upon request, the display can be designed so that it could be divided into two 10 x 10 booths. Packaging and spacing become a little more complex unless of course you’re simply going with two standard booths and putting them next to each other. Then it’s really quite simple.

One configuration to be wary of is a 10 x 20 peninsula. In this configuration, the display backs up to another 10 x 20, perhaps even a 20 x 20. The rules for peninsula booths are much more restrictive than a standard linear display. Island spaces also have similar restrictions.