Trade Show Display Rental For Events and Conferences

Exhibit Rentals

Exhibiting at a trade fair or conference does not have to be something that causes a lot of collateral damage to your budget. With a rental exhibit, the cost of refurbishing and storage are completely eliminated. Very little will get added to your assets on your balance sheet, however your exhibit rentals itself will be at a much lower expense.

We offer a strong selection of exhibit rentals to ensure that despite not having a custom booth, you still have plenty of options for your display and brand presence. Exhibit rentals are often the right choice for many companies thanks to the easy management and set up of a rental and no worrying about storing or maintaining your booth between shows.

The benefits of renting an exhibit are many. The options are much greater than one might think with renting a display. The days of kit01- kit20 are passe`. With our significant inventory of framework, the configuration possibilities are almost endless. If you require a specific radius, arch, etc, almost anything can be made custom and incorporated into your rental display. The Exhibit Company will design your display to meet your objectives, print your graphics, pre-stage the entire exhibit, send you photos of it set up (or even a video walking through it). Some companies come view the display in person. Next, we will ship your exhibit rentals to your event, set it up, and tear it down for you. When it is a customized rental, most companies prefer that we complete all of the forms for the electrical, material handling, EAC, rigging, cleaning, etc. Not to worry- we are set up to handle all of this for you!

Display Rentals for Conventions and Exhibitions

Display rentals offer you the opportunity to grow your display with your company’s growth. A new space may open up at a show that is an odd size. No need to worry with a rental display! Rental displays are extremely versatile!! Think of it as driving a different car as often as you want or like driving a Mercedes and paying for a Toyota.

Another advantage of trade show display rentals is that they set up very quickly! With our state of the art rental hardware and our professional teams across the country who are all trained with this tool-less system, assembly is a twist! The connectors are all hand twist large aluminum connectors that get completely hidden by your graphics.

Trade show exhibit rentals aren’t what they used to be. You won’t find cookie cutter display rentals at the Exhibit Company. We will make your company look great, earning you praises from your team at a fraction of the cost of owning. Trust us. Visually, no one will know that the display is a rental except for you.

Trade Show Display Rentals

Exhibit by definition as a noun is an object on public display, in an art gallery, museum or trade fair. There are multitudes of exhibit options. We at The Exhibit Company specialize in the trade fair or conference variety of exhibits. We strive to make your company’s exhibit reflect the integrity and demeanor of your company while on display to your target audience. Ironically, the noun “display” is to make an exhibition of something in a place where it can be easily seen. What they do have in common is you are going to be seen. How you are seen is important when trying to earn the confidence of potential new customers that will be walking by at your upcoming exhibition.

Fortunately trade show display rentals find their niche in affordability and even reusability. You don’t need a fully customized booth that you own and store to have a consistent presence at shows. Our trade show display rentals can be rented and configured the same way each time to promote the image you want for your company or brand.

One thing is certain, your company will be on display when you choose to participate in a trade show. Whether your booth space is large or small, you’ve been exhibiting for decades, or are brand new to the event, you want to appear professional. Certain things like wrinkles, a leaning wall, being on the phone, a graphic typo or heaven forbid, an empty booth will not produce the best impression. The adage is true. You never do get a second chance to make a first impression. For over 30 years, The Exhibit Company has been working hand in hand with first time exhibitors and those well-seasoned to create exhibits and displays of which to be to be proud.

Standard Kits for Exhibit Rentals

Much like those offered by show management: if this is your very first exhibit, you might want to choose a display rental from show management. While they do not offer a “wow” factor or anything unique for your brand, they are definitely the most affordable. When you choose an exhibit rentals from the show, all of the expenses such as material handling and labor are typically included. They can offer a standard display rentals much more efficiently as they are all standard sized exclusions and infills

Custom Exhibit Rentals

If you need to make a great impression and get the attention of your audience, you should get your exhibit rentals from a company that specializes in custom display rentals. This is The Exhibit Company’s Forte. We promise you- your rental exhibit will not look ordinary. No one would guess it’s even a rental! We will take your wish list and not TO exceed budget. We give you every single dollar’s worth of WOW in your exhibit rental. Our rental displays start with a very strong lightweight aluminum system that connects without tools. This makes your assembly labor affordable and keeps your material handling costs down.

If you want an “all in” quote for your exhibit rental, we can do that too! That is how most of our exhibit rentals clients prefer to go about it. Who wants a nasty surprise of extra costs from the show when the show is over? Provide us your show name, the city, and your booth number. We will price out all the “not all of” expenses that will be charged to you.

Whether you are looking for a modular exhibit, a display, a rental, something custom, we offer all the solutions and can creatively meet your goals and stay within budget. If you don’t have a budget, it is advisable to get one. That is how we can suggest the best type of display for your upcoming event. The Exhibit Company takes pride in coming up with solutions to meet every budget. We do have low-cost solutions. We can help those that know just what they want. Download our low-cost quick solutions here: EXHIBITORS HANDBOOK.

When you want to make a great first impression with your display rentals – contact us! Take a look at some of our prior exhibit rentals. See how unique they look compared to the cookie cutter kits offered by the shows. Your team, your boss and your clients need to be impressed with your presence. So put your best foot forward with a custom exhibit rental from The Exhibit Company! Our consultations are always at no charge. We look forward to helping you look your best at your next event!

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Feel free to share your vision with us, our design team is ready to make you stand out and leave your visitors with a great lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Advantages of Rental Trade Show Displays?

You can rent for roughly 1/3 of the cost of buying, you are not committed to a particular layout for the next event- which is advantageous when you are new in the industry. If you only plan on exhibiting a few times each year, this will eliminate the need for storage and maintenance required when owning a large display. When you rent; we also handle the delivery and installation for you making the process painless.

How Many Times Can I Rent the Same Trade Show Display?

As many times as you like, but we recommend freshening up your look before attending the same event more than twice.

What Is the Difference Between Renting and Buying a Trade Show Booth?

Besides a cost difference; a rental is something that you will use infrequently and is an expense on your income statement only for each event. To design and build a tradeshow booth you will plan on using over and over again, it becomes an asset that depreciates and requires additional expenses such as storage, transportation, maintenance, and Installation.

What is a rental trade show display?

Your company can rent/ hire the hardware/ substrate and decorate it with your branding.

How do I rent an exhibit?

You can submit a design that you have and simply ask how much of it can be rented, or you can start with us in designing a rental Exhibit for you.

How do I care for a rental Exhibit?

This is extremely easy because when you rent an exhibit, we ship it, install it, decorate it with your branding AND pack it back up properly and ship it back to one of our warehouses, so your liability is extremely limited!!!

Who sets it up and tears it down?

Easy again! We do! We have teams in every major exhibition city in the world!

How much do rental exhibits cost?

Costs vary in the design, but the hardware/ bones of the exhibit will cost you roughly 1/3 of what you’d pay to own it. Keep in mind that you so won’t have the insurance costs, storage fees or upkeep/ repair costs that can be a burden when you own an exhibit.

What kind of exhibit displays do you rent?

We rent anywhere from the 10x 20 linear exhibits to the 4800 sq ft or more islands or pavilions. Simple 8’ high backwalls to 24’ high structures are all within our realm.

Why should I choose The Exhibit Company for rental exhibits?

We are very easy to work with and we create solutions that work within your budget! With our complete turnkey service; we will help you complete all of the show forms and schedule everything for you so it all comes together seamlessly! At The Exhibit Company We make it easy! Ask us about completely turnkey service and we will happily provide it for you!