Design of your trade show booth can be submitted to us if you have the capabilities to design internally or have a designer your company uses. We will review your design with our production team and present a formal quote.

Most companies will allow us to design the booth, as our designers will keep certain industry rules and guidelines in mind while drawing.

This process begins with the Discovery Meeting. One of our experienced sales consultants will gather information that will better help us understand; your company, your product and/or services, your tradeshow objective, and finally your booth requirements. You can jump to our “ design needed form here” Our Sales Consultant will then schedule an internal meeting with the Conceptual Designers, the goal of this meeting is to come out with the Ideal TradeShow Booth Solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is tradeshow booth design important? Designing your tradeshow booth is very important for several reasons:

•  You’ll want to look attractive to your prospects

• Sufficient room for people to engage within your space will be needed

• And most importantly, everything that is needed for the show needs to fit within your space.

Are graphics included in tradeshow booth design?

No, although we often mock up graphics when presenting the overall design for approval, these are place holders mocked up to show you what it could look like. We do offer graphic design and can provide this for you. The actual production of the graphics IS included in your price quote but the design and building of files at the appropriate size for production are not included unless it has been discussed prior. Then it would be on your quote – a line item on your itemized quote.

What are the advantages of a professional trade show booth?

A professional tradeshow booth is built to assemble, transport and reuse time after time. Show management charges you on items that you move into the hall. Home made booths are always heavy and cumbersome and cost a lot of money in transportation and drayage fees from the show. We build using strong framework but always skin the booth with lightweight materials to save you in shipping and material handling fees. We also package your booth to prevent damage to keep you looking good for more than a single event!

Do you provide samples for trade show booth design?

We design your booth using computer software and send you a digital rendering of how your booth will look. If the design is approved we can send you samples of the materials that will be used in the fabrication of your booth for your approval before construction begins.

How do you plan for trade show booth design?

Once you have decided you need a new design for your presence at your events, a few things need to be determined prior to reaching out to us for design.

• Know all of the sizes your booth needs to conform to. If you need a 20 x 20 as well as a 10 x 20 , tell us in advance and we can design one booth to work in both, or multiple spaces. We call this reconfiguration. A 50’ x 50’ for your large show and a 20 x 30 for your less important shows is important information to share before we begin design.

• Know all of the mandatory elements to be included in your space and their sizes.

• Know your budget. No one can effectively design without a budget in mind. Asking to create 3 designs for a low, medium and high price won’t work because the possibilities are endless. The terms “ low” and “high” are subjective.

How do you design a tradeshow booth to fit my budget?

We are all trained in trade shows and know that the cost of production of the booth is not all of the cost. We will ask you during a 15 minute free consultation what your budget needs to include. If your budget is “ turnkey” that is something much different than just the booth itself. Some have separate budgets for graphics, transportation, electrical, material handling. This is why it is important to speak with one of us, we don’t bite and are here to help you every step of the way. No one wants to be caught out in the end with a $20,00+ show bill they weren’t expecting.

Do your products come with a warranty?

The kit displays on the prefabricated end all come with a warranty. Some are 90 days and some are a year, some even have a limited lifetime warranty. All of our booths are guaranteed against workmanship defects.