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Master the Skills of Trade Show Seminars and Be Successful

As with any kind of promotional event, meticulous planning is a necessity. Nothing can be left to chance. Having a detailed script for every aspect of the trade show seminar is a fundamental requirement. Keeping to the script helps you identify where modifications need to be made for improvement in future. An “after action” account of what worked and what didn’t will help you refine your trade show seminars.

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How to Deliver a Dynamic Trade Show Seminar

Deciding to hold a seminar at a trade show is a great way to gain exposure and turn them on to your business’s products or services. In exchange for this exposure, your audience gets your expert insights and knowledge on a particular subject. However, what a lot of people forget is that giving presentations requires a specific skill-set as well as sufficient preparation. So many presenters fall flat on their faces by giving dull and uninspiring presentations. This does nothing for generating leads or interest in their business. In some cases, it can damage the reputation of their brand. If you’re going to hold a seminar at your next trade show, make sure you knock it out of the park by taking these factors on board.

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Easy Rules for Green Trade Show Banners

Consumers are actively looking for businesses that play their part in sustainability and environmental protection. They are also prepared to pay more to buy products from a “green” company rather than one that doesn’t express ecological ethics. Trade shows are a great way to show off your green credentials, but are you practicing what you preach?

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Top Reasons People Succeed at Trade Shows

Have you ever wondered what the key is to being a success at trade shows? After all, these events are high-cost, so it’s crucial to make sure your investment pays off. The problem is that many people decide to have a booth at a trade show but end up with little to no return. The aim of exhibiting at any trade show is to generate customers, leads and get your name to stand out among the competition. Some businesses are experts when it comes to achieving this. So, what is their secret?

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How to Have Fun Delivering Your Trade Show Seminar

Part of what draws people to trade shows is the talks and seminars on offer. They offer a chance to see known experts imparting essential advice and wisdom and they provide updates on important developments within the industry.

Some of the seminars can be hugely fun and entertaining and draw in a big crowd. Others can be rather dry and uninspiring and fail to attract a significant audience. If you’ve decided to give a seminar at your next trade show, make sure you’ve prepared adequately for the event so that everybody gets the most from the experience, including you.

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The Critical Role Storytelling Plays in Your Trade Show Exhibit

Storytelling plays a significant role in branding and brand awareness. The brands that have an authentic story behind them are often the most successful. Have you ever left the movie theatre or finished a book while feeling very emotional? A tragic movie can leave people in tears, while an uplifting book can prompt tears of joy. Movies and books inspire strong emotions and captivate their audience from start to finish through the art of storytelling. And so can you.

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Los Angeles Convention Center Survival Guide

The LA Convention Center is where over 350 huge events, trade shows, and expos are held throughout the year. The modern facility boasts 867,000 sq ft of event floor space and 4.2 million sq ft total area, making it the ideal venue for large events. Navigating your way around such a facility can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time attending the convention center. As a booth holder, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly before, during and after the event, so it’s important you arrive fully prepared and with the knowledge on how to handle the venue. Read on to discover how to survive the LA Convention Center and attend your event like a pro.

How to Stand Out at a Crowded Trade Show

Standing out at a trade show is an ongoing battle. The need to differentiate your company’s booth requires good design knowledge and style as well as knowing how to integrate pleasing visual differences into your message so that they are compelling. Getting people to line up at your booth or to keep coming back takes ingenuity and creativity. Coming up with a unique style and creating a buzz around your booth and what’s on offer is an ongoing challenge.