5 Tips on Follow-Up Strategies for Leads

5 Tips on Effective Follow-Up Strategies for Trade Show Leads Recently, I had a phenomenal connection with an exhibitor at an industry trade show. We really clicked, the conversation flowed and their solution looked like a good fit. So when I got an email from this person after the show, I was excited to open […]

52 Best Trade Show Booth Games To Stand Out In 2023

Trade shows are serious business. Ninety-two percent of attendees say the primary reason for attending trade shows is to check out the featured products. However, there’s plenty of room for fun and games. Games are one of the best ways to ensure your booth stands out from the competition, resulting in additional foot traffic, brand […]

How to Create Your Custom Trade Show Displays

How to Create Your Custom Trade Show Displays In a sea of businesses, custom trade show displays can help yours stand out. Trade shows are a great way to gain awareness and meet prospective buyers. In order to catch people’s attention, you need a trade show booth design that exhibits company branding. This will enable you to […]

An Industry Redefined: Utilize Your Allies

There’s a certain energy on a trade show floor that is wildly thrilling. To call it sensory overload would be an understatement. There are the perfectly positioned booths, of various scales and designs, the bright overpowering lights, the smell of the fresh carpet, the sounds of bustling vendors frantically talking to as many people as […]

Exhibitors Speak Out: Tech Takes Time

In the physical trade show world, exhibitors get to move in early, the big ones even earlier. The booth space is a home away from home, with care put into how tchotchkes are displayed and cases of water hauled in to keep the staffers hydrated. Exhibitors need time to move into their virtual booth space, […]

How technology can help keep your event safe

By: Matt Laws The rollout of more and more vaccines will help large venues reopen and allow our industry to bring back in-person events in the coming months. It will be critical for event organizers and venues to work together to deliver events where attendees feel safe participating. Technology plays a key role in this […]