The Z: Planning for the Gen Z Attendee

There’s a mystery to Gen Z that I think even we as members of the generation can’t quite figure out for ourselves. We are self-driven, fiercely independent and full of ambition—at least on the inside, and for the most part, we’re aware of all our good. Sometimes, it feels like the world isn’t. Unfortunately, what […]


As we enter year three of a global pandemic that upends plans from one minute to the next, marketing events remain a highly challenging endeavor. We thought vaccines would bring us back to normal by 2022, but once again, we find ourselves resetting our expectations about event outcomes at this moment. Maybe we won’t see […]

Unintended Consequences of the Empty Exhibitor Booth

An event organizer’s priority is everyone’s health and safety. The Delta and Omicron variants certainly raised concerns as they seemed to pop up overnight. The good news is that events, even large-scale trade shows, have been staging for well over a year now—successfully and safely. Our good friends at Freeman and Epistemix commissioned a study last year […]

Setting a Budget in a Post-Pandemic World

Doing more with less is nothing new for event planners. But with so many mitigating factors leading to uncertainty up to the big day, the cost of doing business isn’t going to shrink — even if your budget has. The world is reopening but the people in it are not the same as before the […]