Lanza trade show banner stand

Our Favorite Trade Show Banner Stands

You don’t need high technology to advertise at a trade show. There are many excellent new developments, including media walls, digital photo booths, and virtual reality, but traditional, tried and true methods are solid performers. Advertising with banner stands is a good way to help create an effective booth.

trade show seminar (black and white)

How to Deliver a Dynamic Trade Show Seminar

Deciding to hold a seminar at a trade show is a great way to gain exposure and turn them on to your business’s products or services. In exchange for this exposure, your audience gets your expert insights and knowledge on a particular subject. However, what a lot of people forget is that giving presentations requires a specific skill-set as well as sufficient preparation. So many presenters fall flat on their faces by giving dull and uninspiring presentations. This does nothing for generating leads or interest in their business. In some cases, it can damage the reputation of their brand. If you’re going to hold a seminar at your next trade show, make sure you knock it out of the park by taking these factors on board.