Las Vegas Ups Technology for Future-Ready Events

Las Vegas is home to world-leading tech conferences, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent in late 2021 and CES in January 2022. It’s where the world’s brightest minds once again are coming together – in person – to discuss the very future of tech, digital transformation, and innovations to help people live and work […]

McCormick Place Ready for Events Again

Peter Eelman, vice president and CXO at AMT — The Association For Manufacturing Technology, strode up to the stage at Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place. “We are coming back,” he said. “Let that soak in for a moment.” While he was specifically referring to the International Manufacturing Technology Show powered by AMT, occurring Sept. […]

The Six Pitfalls of Bad Branding

The Six Pitfalls of Bad Branding Branding doesn’t just happen. It’s like every other business asset you’ve created. It takes time, effort and thoughtful action. Branding gives you and your employees a guidebook of how you want customers, clients, stakeholders and the general public to see and experience your business. And like any good guidebook, […]

Decoding the DNA of a Good Trade Show

What would happen if we reset the events industry to zero? There are no shows booked years in advance and no opportunities to meet customers and prospects face-to-face. This is the unimaginable experiment we all found ourselves in 2020. While on the treadmill of a typical event cycle, it can be hard to make a […]

National Trade Show Alliance Launches

The Purpose The newly launched non-profit, National Trade Show Alliance, is to help tradeshow industry workers recover, re-connect and get back to doing the work they love. The board of directors of the NTSA recognizes and values the good works of the many industry associations and coalitions that already exist. Each serves their mission and […]

Hawai‘i Convention Center Hosts 1,200 Guests for Hawai‘i Prayer Breakfast, Featuring New Safety Protocols and Socially Distanced Meetings Layouts

Honolulu – The Hawai‘i Convention Center welcomed 1,200 participants for the Hawai‘i Prayer Breakfast on May 7, 2021. It was the Center’s largest in-person meeting since the start of COVID-19 pandemic health and safety restrictions in March 2020. The breakfast included state and local leaders, as well as noted speakers Dr. Tony Evans and Priscilla […]