20x30 Displays

20x30 is a decent amount of space. A huge piece of equipment can’t be placed and still have a lot of remaining free but there could be enough room for decent size meeting room as well as additional seating areas.

Big Fish 20x20
Tix Track 20x20 display

There could also be room for a theater and several demo areas. If demos require a lot of computers side by side, there are some great solutions for that. Demo areas can be placed up against a meeting room wall. This also helps with cord management.

Wire management with a lot of electronics can be a problem. We offer the perfect system for that available in our display rental inventory.

With an island space allowing people to enter from all sides, make sure not to block off the view of potential customers with a large central wall. Unless you have lots of staff to send to the event, keeping your booth open allows for greater visibility and also makes your space more attractive.

A lot of clients want to go extra plush with padding under their carpet. This is not always a great idea as the less solid the surface, the less stable it is for smaller based tall towers. If everything is low or heavy, then pad it up. If your consultant just says okay because you ask for it, make sure everything will be stable. Ending up having to rig structures to the ceiling can unexpectedly add thousands or dollars to your budget. Why not call a company with over 29 years of experience in strictly events to avoid nasty surprises?