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Experience the Power of Custom Retail Displays

Conferences and exhibitions are still on pause. Now is a good time to focus on a fresh look for your retail space! You might have worked with us to create a stunning new look for your trade show booth design but we create custom retail environments as well! Looking for new kiosks, counters, racks, fresh flooring solutions? We can help. From concept, design, prototypes, a 1 off to as many multiples you need- we’re on your team and here to help. Make a great and lasting impression. Improve the functionality of your retail space. Have your message be seen in a unique and creative way. Try a stunning backlit logo, wall graphics, large graphic runs, custom printed boxes…..Quotes are free, budgets are met and your company shines. The options are endless. Call us to discuss your project!

We offer:
• Interactive Kiosks
• Sign Holders
• Printing
• Decals
• Custom Tables
• Visual Merchandising
• Custom Display Cases
• Much Much More!

Custom Retail Displays
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Retail Displays
Custom Display Cases
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Custom Interactive Kiosks
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Custom Display Cases

As brick-and-mortar stores re-open across the country, we understand the challenges for retailers and product marketers to quickly adapt to new market dynamics.

The Exhibit Company is ready to partner with you on the design and production of custom retail displays that will welcome customers back with a thoughtful experience.

Creating an attractive product display has several benefits in a retail environment. Some of these benefits are:

• Help to draw in customers
• Promote a slow-moving item
• Announce a sale
• Highlight new arrivals.

Enhance Storefront Appeal with Custom Retail Displays

If your storefront is fortunate enough to feature one or more windows, then you have one of the most proven (and least expensive) forms of advertising at your disposal. Get creative! Writing directly on your window is an eye-catching, space-saving strategy. Making a window display interactive is another way to attract potential customers. Creating an interactive selfie station with your companies brand helps spread the word when those selfies make their way on social media. Lighting is very important as well. The right lights make merchandise and your customers look their best. The best part about merchandising your store display is that it must be novel to be effective. This means that you can test new custom retail displays as often as you’d like. Creative solutions for storefront windows are endless! Let us help you unleash the possibilities.

Some stores located in a mall or other structure my lack windows, but don’t despair. There are many places throughout the store to build beautiful displays. First, stand at the threshold of a store – the doorway. Typically, one walks right into a store and doesn’t pay attention. Stand where your customer stands and see what your customer sees. What do you see? What draws your attention? There are many ways to control the customer experience with color, bold imagery, or structures. Take a look at the flow of traffic in your store. Are there any areas that are a focal point for customers?

Flexibility and Versatility of Counter Displays

Designing custom retail displays that are flexible, versatile, modular, and configurable increases the utility of your display while ensuring the best possible return on investment. The flexibility, meaning the adaptability of your display design or signage, opens up more opportunity on the sales floor. Modular designs are the best way to meet the spatial inequities of different retail environments while also addressing the different product product mixes and seasonal or promotional opportunities. It’s also easier to replace parts or components in modular exhibit displays, rather than replacing complete fixtures in the event of damage or when it is time to update the display.

Will the display be easy to set up and take down? Can the graphics or media be easily updated? Can the components such as video screens, sound or additional graphics be added? Can the display be scaled and made larger or smaller depending on the placement in store and available footprint?

These are just a few things to consider when the time comes to update your retail space. Whether it’s a full custom retail display or some retail display accessories, we’ve got you covered.

The benefit of custom retail displays and other customization options is truly helping you stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart from the competition.

Contact us to discuss your next project. We offer free quotes. We look forward to working with you!

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Feel free to share your vision with us, our design team is ready to make you stand out and leave your visitors with a great lasting impression.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retail display?

A display placed in a store or common are that you can arrange retail items for visual merchandising to catch consumers’ attention.

How do I set up a retail store display?

It all depends on the details of the retail display. Most of the time, businesses will hire their own labors to set-up in their own stores.