Container Exhibits

Container Exhibits

Are you looking for a bold eye-catching structure for your event that helps you stand out and attract customers? A customized container is the perfect event structure for your business. Modified for your branding and needs; shipping containers are the most unique new type of modular exhibit you can rent or purchase them. These modular shipping containers are customized and branded for a truly unique and memorable experience. We can create yours for a pop up event, road show, outdoor retail; but they aren’t just for outdoors! We have negotiated flat rate drayage specials with the major show management companies show your drayage bill wont cost as much as you might think. We deliver and install for a flat fee ( dependent on location). If you are ready for a bold, strong statement or just want an outdoor office- there are many options. Ask us for more details.

Container Exhibits

Shipping containers are the latest trend in trade show booths. The possibilities are endless with our customizable shipping containers! They can be used in event spaces, creative environments, or pop up shops.


There are many benefits when choosing a shipping container display. The containers are easily customized to suit. Make the structure unique by customizing it with branding. Printed wrap graphics and fabrication materials are an easy way to make your display eye-catching.
Shipping container displays are easily transported via flatbed transportation. There’s no need for crating your display when it is time to ship. The container is the display! The display is also outdoor weather proof.

Save on additional unforeseen costs when it comes time for setting up the display. Shipping container displays are pretty much ready to go with minimal set-up. Labor time is greatly reduced along with unforeseen issues that can arise during a typical display set-up.

There’s no need to worry about product disappearing while the display is unattended. Shipping container trade show booths are easy to secure with locking doors.

• Customize Branding

• Transportable and Modular

• Outdoor/Weather Proof

• Modern and Trendy

• Time and Cost Savings

• Reduced Labor Time and Staff

• Environmentally Friendly

• Securable

Available sizes include:

* 20 foot

* 40 foot

* Double Deck

* Larger Custom Sizes

Configuration Options Include:

* Open Wall

* Retail Walk Up

* Barn Door Style

* Bi-fold, Drop Down

* Double Drop Down.

Our shipping containers are available to rent or purchase. We can customize your container to fit your design and budget needs. We handle all of the logistics including sourcing, shipping, and labor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Custom Trade Show Exhibits?

Custom exhibits are designed specifically for your company, your needs and your brand. There is no possibility of a competitor having the same presence.

How Do You Set up a Custom Trade Show Exhibit?

We offer this service anywhere and have trained crews in all major cities to install and dismantle your exhibit. A lot of venues are union and will not allow you to install your own display.