Our Favorite Conference Booth Displays

Whenever you attend trade shows, you will always find one booth that stands head and shoulders above the rest. If that booth happens to be yours – well done! You have achieved a level of greatness that other booth holders dream of achieving. If it’s not your booth, this is your opportunity to study the best booths and see what you can learn.
Great design takes skill and practice so look to the masters and see how you can use their techniques to improve your booth design. When it comes to trade show booths, we often think we’ve seen it all, but businesses continue to surprise us with smart, stunning, and innovative designs. Here’s a run-down of our current favorites:

Preciosa – Lustry
As a chandelier business, Preciosa – Lustry had an advantage. They were already in the business of making ornate, eye-catching designs. Their display, however, is utterly beautiful. The showstopping use of crystal and glass, involving thousands of individual pieces to create a fly-away effect is breathtaking. The tree, weighing more than 4.5 tonnes, was constructed of crystal and sat perfectly at the base of the design, nestled in complimenting foliage.
With the addition of a second cascading chandelier further in the exhibit constructed of over 8,000 pieces, it made for a truly decadent experience. A pure black backdrop with accompanying display chandeliers completed this display perfectly.
While this booth design is budget-busting, we feel that the sheer scale and beauty of the design precisely reflects what Precosia – Lustry is about as a business.

From something overly ornate, we move on to a far more straightforward design that manages to be just as striking in its own way. Facing stiff competition in the world of tech, Rubrik decided to harness light to achieve a booth that captured the essence of forward-thinking.
Constructed from around 600 wooden and acrylic beams to form the back wall and overhanging canopy, each beam was installed with programmable LED strips. They programmed the LEDs to display soft, undulating waves of green, blue, and white hues that gave the overall effect of the wall being alive.
Overlaying the beams, which were very hard with sharp angles and corners, with something soft and gentle gave the design a satisfying level of contrast.

Campbell’s soup
A big brand name like Campbell’s can afford to pull out all the stops for a trade show display. In this case, however, the company wanted to portray the simple, natural ingredients of its soups. To achieve this, they constructed a small space on a low budget with the focus on serving its soups to visitors.
The booth featured a soup bar where they offered piping hot soup amid brand slogans and walls of live basil plants – a stimulating but lovely assault on the senses!
When designing booths, it’s easy to only focus on the visual elements of design, forgetting that taste and smell can also play an important role too. By focusing on these two senses, Campbell’s achieved a showstopping booth at a minimal cost.

Impact XM
Nothing appeals to people more than an interactive element within a trade show booth. What better way to draw the crowds in than with LEGO! Impact XM wanted to create a visual representation of “moving audiences” and came up with the idea of an endlessly looping conveyer belt. Affixed to the belt were 500 carefully assembled LEGO figures.
Audiences were encouraged to create their own LEGO figure using pieces contained in bins. The booth staff were there to assist and explain that each element of the character represented an aspect of themselves. After the figure was complete, a visitor would place it in a miniature version of the booth to snap a picture and post it on social media.
Clever use of a much-loved toy allowed Impact XM to get their message across while also increasing exposure on social media, showing that simple ideas can lead to significant returns if well-executed.

As a maker of bassinets and baby loungers, DockATtot wanted to create a booth that made the visitor feel enclosed and enveloped whimsically. They constructed their booth primarily from cardboard and depicted an ornate Victorian greenhouse. Inside was lush foliage and exotic animals with products nestled in-between.
The cardboard construction and illustrative nature of the design made it feel like you were wandering through a pop-up card, whisked into another world, miles from the hustle and bustle of the trade show floor.
Successful trade show booth designs work because they conjure up a feeling or emotion that ties in with the brand. This is exactly what DockATtot have achieved with their fantastical piece.

Working on your own design
Whether you’re operating on a large or small budget, these examples will show you that you can achieve great design with intelligent thought and insight. To rise in the ranks of booth design, be clear about what thoughts and feelings your brand message inspires. Use these as your foundation.
Decide which senses you would like to stimulate, whether sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste. And use complementing elements to construct a booth that plays on the senses you’ve chosen.
It’s tempting to go overboard and design a booth that’s overly complicated or fussy. Remember, simplicity is key. Choose a single idea and stick with it.

To learn more about branding and how to communicate your messages to an audience at a trade show, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our expert, friendly staff is looking forward to learning more about you and helping you achieve the display that is perfect for you and your visitors. What’s more, we hope to be featuring your booth in one of these blog posts very soon!