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There are a lot of different displays you can choose from. The Exhibit Company representative will help you determine the right solution. There are Portable Displays, Modular Displays, and then we have Custom Displays and Rental Displays.

Portable Displays can be considered the most economical, easy to transport, and easy to install.

Modular Displays  is a combination of a custom look, with portable features. They are available in prefabricated kits, but the way they are designed and constructed allows the customer to have a unique look. Modular Exhibit Displays are still considered portable and easy to install.

Rental Displays are available in many different categories. We have some Portable Displays and Modular Displays kits available. We have the rental option for those customers that are running short on time or have very tight budget constrains. The turn around time is fairly quick on these kits, however there’s very little customizing allowed.

If you are looking for a larger Rental Display or something more customized, then we recommend our Custom Rental Solution option. Our Custom Trade Show Display Rental Solution option allows us to design a booth completely custom for our clients. We will design a custom booth from scratch based on our customers requirements and needs, giving our customer the opportunity to make an impactful presence at their event without having to spend the budget of a Custom Display.   

Custom Displays are designed and manufactured specifically to our customers needs. There’s many different materials and components that can be used to produce a custom display. The process to finding the right solution and production lead time can be a bit longer, but the overall impact a Custom Display has at a Trade Show is astounding.

Rental Exhibits

Custom Exhibits

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Feel free to share your vision with us, our design team is ready to make you stand out and leave your visitors with a great lasting impression.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when hiring an exhibit display company?

One should have a good rapport and easy communication in any relationship; in an environment so particular to appearance, obtaining goals on an unwavering deadline- choose a company with a proven track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.

Do you offer graphic design services for your trade show displays and exhibits?

Yes, we do.

How do I create new graphics and make modifications to the display?

Consultations are always complimentary; the actual design changes will be quoted. Speak to one of our account executives about your graphic design objectives and they can set up a meeting with our art director to help you with your new graphics.

What type of displays does ExhibitCompany.com accept on consignment?

We only take on professionally made exhibits with set up instructions or kit numbers. Larger displays require a crate manifest and recent photos.