Trade Show Lighting

Light can alter the appearance of a space without physically changing it. Lighting can influence perception and draw attention to specific details. This applies to any space, trade show exhibits included. Many exhibit halls provide ambient lighting from fixtures as high as 30 ft. in the air. This can lead to a flat looking exhibit. Creative, strategically placed lighting creates interest and focus in a tradeshow exhibit.

Tradeshow display lighting
Tradeshow display lighting
Tradeshow display lighting
Tradeshow display lighting
Tradeshow display LED lighting
Padded lighting storage case
Lighting storage case
Tradeshow display LED lighting transformer

There are many benefits to featuring LED lighting in a tradeshow display.

LEDs are much brighter than other available light sources
LEDs last much longer than bulbs and seldom experience a burnout.
LEDs run cooler and don’t generate the heat that traditional builds can.
LEDs travel well and are less prone to breakage

LEDs are also available in different color temperatures and fit many types of applications – from light boxes, strip accent lighting, to standard fixtures.

Though they are gradually being replaced by LEDs, halogen lighting is also available for many standard trade show display fixtures. Fixtures come in spot and wall washers.