PC versions of these programs generally will work on a MAC, Be sure to convert fonts to outlines or curves to avoid font conflicts. Call us if there are any questions.Flash drives or electronic transfer
Illustrator 2023: Include all screen and printer fonts and images used or convert to outlines.E-mail Files smaller than 5mb can be attached to E-mail messages and sent to: graphics@exhibitcompany.comIf you are compressing the file please use ZIP or Stuffit to avoid corruption.
Indesign 2023: Include all screen and printer fonts and images used or convert to outlines. Use ‘package’ function.FTP Files FTP Page
Password – upload1 When supplying logos, .tif and bitmap – .bmp files are generally not acceptable. For optimum results, logos should be created in Illustrator in outlines. If there is any questions or doubt, consult our graphics dept.
Photoshop 2023: Images needs to be in rgb or cmyk color format. Resolution 100 dpi at actual size (200 dpi at 50%, 400 dpi at 25% etc.). To get the file size, take the size of the original and divide it into the size the file will become. With the number you get from dividing, multiply it by 100. Please save files as .PDF*Color print samples need to be supplied for a match or a color proof needs to be signed off on before final job will be printed. PMS numbers will only be matched as close as possible.
Quark Express: Before submitting, files must be saved or exported as eps or pdf format.The standard turn around time is 10 days upon approval of artwork. Rush charges are based on the number of days artwork is late and our current workload.
Laser Cutting/Vinyl Graphics: Illustrator Version CC or earlier. Include all screen, printer fonts or convert to outlines and images used.Any other file types will not work!
Logos can be recreated for a fee of $75.00