Table Top Displays

The Exhibit Company offers quality tabletop display solutions to fit every need. These compact table top displays are perfect for small or large expos. Quick, versatile and an easy set-up for one person while giving you a professional branding presence. Our knowledgeable consultants will inform you of all your exhibit display options and will find a solution to fit your image and style.

We understand the importance of having powerful and alluring tabletop booths. As leaders and innovators in the industry, we know that we can deliver everything that you need and exceed your expectations time and time again.

The Exhibit Company offers quality table top display solutions to fit every need. Their compact displays are perfect for large or small expos. They offer quick and easy set up by one person.

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Exhibit Company EZ tube table top display
Embrace popup display with SEG graphics
Calleguas hop up table top display with table throw
Barnett 6 ft popup tabletop display
Price Freight pole pocket banner with table throw
Richard Winters 8ft popup tabletop display
trifold tabletop display
Factor Support briefcase tble top display
Factor Support 6ft table top display with table throw
Hammerhead custom extrusion table top display
Lowenberg table top display with table throw
Wood Bender briefcase portable display

Table top displays come in several different varieties. There’s the pop-up display. These include fabric panels with Velcro-on graphics, or full print mural panels. They can also be mixed (mural-fabric). Fabric graphics are the latest innovation to pop-up up display. A one-piece graphic is attached to a frame via Velcro straps. The graphic remains on the frame. This provides greater ease of set-up and take down. fabric graphics are also less prone to getting damaged.

The latest innovation in pop-up displays is the pop-up frame that uses a silicon edge fabric (SEG) graphic. An advantage over the version with the velcro straps is a much cleaner wrinkle-free appearance and minimal visible stitching. An SEG trade show display is still doesn’t require any tools with the set-up.

Tri-fold displays are 3 panels that are connected with hinges. They are covered in fabric and fold flat when taken down. Graphics are applied with Velcro. The tri-fold is generally light in weight. It comes in a carry bag for ease of transport.

Briefcase displays come built into a molded case. The briefcase display has wheels and a handle for easy of transport. They are heavier than the tri-fold. The case opens up into a display. Graphics are applied with Velcro.