If you fast forward a couple of months… Are you ready?

If you fast forward a couple of months… you may find a busy fall! Shows that were never there before are filling in our fall schedules, and soon enough we will have winter shows nipping at our heels too.  ARE YOU READY?

This fall is going to look very different than previous falls. All your exhibit and event vendors that typically have more capacity to work on things for you are now will most likely be bombarded with business. So, you need to rethink how soon you should start planning for your next event or trade show and get started sooner than later.

Regardless of where you are working from right now, we want to help you get ready. Here are 3 things you should do now, if you aren’t already:

1) Have A Plan!
So many people are working from home and home schooling their kids, but now is NOT the time to take your eye off the ball. Shows are filling in what used to be “slower” months and some event marketers are looking for other shows to go to, that may have overlapped before, or they are looking for smaller regional shows to attend sooner to stay in front of their clients. You could find yourself juggling multiple back-to-back events. 
It also helps to know whether you want to take advantage of a custom rental or upfit an existing booth, versus buying a new one right now. Rentals are a smart strategy in times of change. The Exhibit Company’s rental solutions can give you a custom look with a lot of flexibility.
No matter where your show schedule falls on the spectrum, We would not recommend you procrastinate planning… plan your next 6 months now!

2) Stay in Front of Your Customers
Social Distancing is not Customer Distancing, and in order to come out stronger on the other side, you need to stay in front of your customers. If you don’t keep in touch with your customers and find ways to help each other through these tough times, your competitors will take them from you.
·        Conduct frequent conference calls to stay in touch and abreast of their needs
·        Schedule webinars for larger customers groups to teach them about your new products, or cross sell them on ones they may not know about
·        Visit your local/regional customers if they are still in the office accepting guests. If not now, maybe in a few weeks when things calm down.
·        Plan ahead for an Open House to invite your customers in once we get the all clear. Clients will be anxious to get out and network again, so make sure you have some great things to share with them.
·        While all the above points are important to keep the face-to-face momentum alive you should also take advantage of social media, and especially video messages, to keep your name and brand in front of your customers.

3)  Most important – Be Ready!
Now that you have established what your next 6 months could look like, realizing you may have to tweak it a little along the way, now is time to implement it. If you wait you will be late to the party. Engage with your partners and vendors now. At least get the balling rolling and set the design wheels in motion.
It really does not matter where you are working from right now. Putting plans in play early will put you in the perfect position when the world opens back up again.
The Exhibit Company is open for business and here to help in any way we can! Together we will come out stronger. Lean on us to help you get ahead of the curve, and help you plan for a very successful, and busy Fall and rest of the year.