Modular Exhibits and Displays

Customizable Modular Exhibits and Displays

Want to create a custom fresh look for your next trade show exhibit? It is easy when utilizing modular trade show displays. At the Exhibit Company, we know how to best utilize these modular exhibit systems to create high-quality and focused booths that show and express your business to its greatest potential. Using modular exhibit systems, you can create a custom look for your trade show booth design. These types of trade show displays allow for the utmost in flexibility and style. Any section can easily be fabricated including laminate, slat wall or a lightbox. We offer a large variety of shapes and sizes which can be custom exhibit booth designed just for you.

Do you attend several trade shows a year? Do you need to reconfigure your trade show display from show to show?  If so let us create and build an outstanding modular design solution for your business and particular needs. We can reconfigure all of the modular components to fit within any size exhibit booth from a small 10x10 to much larger. Our modular units can vary from the very basic to the extremely high-end.

Due to the constant changes in design trends, our experienced and highly knowledgeable custom exhibit builder team keep up with the times always bringing their newest innovative ideas and endless design possibilities to each of your trade show exhibits.  We are confident that visitors entering your trade show exhibit booth and viewing your modular displays will be in awe as well as leave with a long-lasting impression.

Let The Exhibit Company bring your exhibit booth using modular exhibits to the forefront and help to maximize its potential and bring outstanding brand awareness along with great business leads. To get started,  contact us today to discuss our wide variety of modular trade show display options.

Customizable Modular Exhibits and Displays
Modular Exhibit
Customized Modular Exhibits and Displays
Modular Exhibits and Displays
Customized Modular Displays
Customized Modular Exhibits
Trade Show Modular Exhibits
Modular Trade Show Displays
High Quality Trade Show Modular Displays

Design Your Modular Display with Exhibit Company

It is common for companies to have different booth sizes that they exhibit in. Sometimes the regional shows are only a 10 x 10 and others might be a 10 x 20.

We can set you up with a modular exhibit, so you can exhibit in different configurations to meet all of your needs. Say you mostly have a linear 10 x 20 but at one show a year you get a 20 x 20 island- just let us know when we go into the design stage and we will make your exhibit modular to work in these instances also! Being able to ship or take just part of your display for your smaller events is a huge advantage- just tell us when we are having our design consultation and we will design your display modularly to fit your exhibit space needs.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do this to your SUV? Normally there are just five of you, but sometimes you need to fit seven? Thank goodness your modular exhibit will be a reality not even a challenge, just add the extra shipping container, add more flooring and your display is completely modular! We have even designed a 20 x 20 that the client could use the smallest case as a table top. This is taking modular to the extreme and not recommended- as table tops can fit into something much smaller than the case they shipped to their table top events but it is an example of how modular exhibit designs can be, so bring us your exhibit space manifest and we’ll come up with design(s) to meet all of your needs!

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Feel free to share your vision with us, our design team is ready to make you stand out and leave your visitors with a great lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Modular Trade Show Displays?

A modular display is one that can be reconfigured in more than one way. A 20 x 30 that can be made into a 20 x 20 or a 10 x 20 is a good example. Some conferences may require more privacy than others so walls can be removed or repositioned for more open space.

Why Should I Choose a Modular Trade Show Display?

If you have a variety of spaces and want to be able to buy just one to use for them; this is the way to go.

How Do I Select the Right Trade Booths and Shows for My Company?

Consult with your company to determine what your objectives are at the events you will attend. We offer a design consultation questionnaire that you can take to your team. We can assist with this and make sure we are all on the same page for design, function and budget.