52 Best Trade Show Booth Games To Stand Out In 2023

Trade shows are serious business. Ninety-two percent of attendees say the primary reason for attending trade shows is to check out the featured products.

However, there’s plenty of room for fun and games. Games are one of the best ways to ensure your booth stands out from the competition, resulting in additional foot traffic, brand awareness, and leads.

“81% of trade show attendees have the authority to make company purchasing decisions.” — Center for Exhibition Industry Research

While many companies give away branded totes, t-shirts, and keychains at their booths, gamification is what draws crowds and gets them to hang around for longer. Every extra second attendees linger is more time to deliver your message and capture their contact information. It’s even proven that interactive trade show games help visitors retain information about your brand and service.

At the end of the day, people always remember how they felt even more than they’ll remember what was said or done. Gamifying your trade show exhibit will give visitors a feeling they can’t forget. Stand out in attendees’ memory by bringing the fun!

Half the time, a business decision is made or broken on a hunch or a feeling. Blending in with other booths won’t do. Trade show games are the ultimate way to influence your soon-to-be clients’ dopamine-driven first impression of you. Very few people can see a booth full of visitors grinning like crazy over a game and not be drawn over to join in!

A. Best High-End Trade Show Booth Games

  1. iPad Jeopardy Wall (EXCLUSIVE)

  2. Are You Smarter Than An AI Robot? (EXCLUSIVE)

  3. Trade Show Golf Simulator (EXCLUSIVE)

  4. Mini-Drone Racing Tournament (EXCLUSIVE)

  5. Batak Pro Challenge (EXCLUSIVE)

  6. Beat Saber Competition

  7. Walk The Plank VR Simulator

  8. Virtual Reality Racing Simulator

  9. Virtual Reality Flight Simulator

  10. Virtual Reality Home Run Derby Competition

  11. Virtual Reality Pictionary

  12. Virtual Reality Soccer Simulator

  13. Host an AR Scavenger Hunt

  14. Giant Holographic Slot Machine

  15. Mini-American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

  16. Host a Live Game Show

  17. Plinko

  18. Money Booth

  19. Pro vs. Joe Basketball Challenge

  20. The Office Trivia Game

  21. Dance Off Extravaganza

  22. 24/7 Challenge

  23. Crush The Competition

  24. Crystal Ball Challenge – Can you predict the future?

  25. Pro vs. Joe – Punching Prowess Challenge

  26. Giant Human Claw Machine

  27. Escape Room

  28. Pro vs. Joe Golf Driving Range Challenge

  29. Augmented Reality Climbing Wall

  30. Custom Branded VR Experience

B. Best Budget-Friendly Trade Show Booth Games

31. The Prize Wheel
32. Corn Hole
33. Skee Ball
34. Gaming Consoles
35. Putt Putt Mat
36. Mini Basket Basketball Arcade
37. Buzz Wire
38. Roll Doubles, Get a Prize
39. Scratch-Off Cards
40. Trivia Games
41. Matching Contest
42. General Drawing
43. Counting Game
44. Social Media Spot Prize
45. Twitter Trivia
46. Tetris & Puzzles
47. Airzooka Bowling
48. Roaming Games
49. Claw Machine Rental – great for promotion giveaways!
50. Photo Contest
51. Memory Match
52. Jumbo Games

So let’s dive right into the 52 best trade show game ideas to stand out in 2023!

Blog originally posted at www.tradeshowlabs.com