Brochure Ideas For Trade Shows | Ideas That Sell

Brochure Ideas For Trade Shows | Ideas That Sell

Oct 28, 2018 | Booth Design, Trade Show Exhibit Displays, Trade Show Exhibitions

Reasons Why You Need Trade Show Brochures

• Grab Attention
• Budget-Friendly
• Consistent Branding
• Reach your target audience
• Perfect For Promotional Offers
• Add Credibility

Deciding to attend a trade show means that you’ll need to do a few things to prepare for the event. Marketing is important when it comes to trade shows. Your goal should be to make a great first impression so that attendees won’t forget your company after the event. Putting together a winning brochure for the trade show is a great way to market your services. The brochures should be visually appealing and as detailed as possible. Here are a few creative and informative things you should include in your brochure.

Brochure Ideas for Trade Shows

When you think of brochures, you likely picture a pamphlet with company information inside. Think about whether this type of marketing document would be interesting to you. If you don’t recall being particularly moved by brochures you’ve seen at previous trade shows, remember that potential customers may have the same reaction. You can make a brochure that is just one page to increase the chances that attendees will read all the material. Or, you can provide customers with a link to an online brochure that will also connect them to your social media pages. If you choose to create a virtual brochure, you can also include graphics and music that will make the marketing material more interesting.

Brochure Racks For Trade Shows

Finding the right trade show display racks for trade shows immediately makes the brochures more appealing. The rack should be part of your trade show display and should make the brochures easy to see. You can place the rack next to the main table so that attendees can’t miss it when they come to your booth. You can even paint the rack to match your company colors or choose a rack that has glitter or metallic elements. This can give the rack a fun yet refined feel. In addition to a traditional rack that is positioned next to your table, you can also choose overhead racks. This can get the attention of attendees as well. The racks can also be positioned at eye level with attendees. This may increase the chances that attendees will take a brochure to read. If the rack has lights, this could draw attendees to this part of your exhibit as well.

Brochure Layouts

Consider the brochure design when you’re putting together your marketing materials. The front of the brochure should include a visual element that is attention-getting. You can choose a large logo design with bright colors or a catchy phrase. Or, you can ask customers a question like “want to know more about our products?” This helps to get attendees interested. Inside the brochure, don’t include too many sections. This can be overwhelming for attendees, and there’s a good chance potential customers won’t read all the information. Use print that is large enough to see easily. Head the sections with important phrases or information that will make attendees want to read more. Be sure that you also include your social media information, website, phone number, and email address. This makes it easy for attendees to get in touch with you if they want to make a purchase after the trade show.

If possible, you may also want to include a product sample in the brochure. If you sell items like lotions or fragrances, you can have a small swatch or packet securely glued to the brochure. You can also offer attendees a promo code in the brochure. Make sure attendees have to go to your website or social media to use the code. This will increase customer engagement and may encourage attendees to make a purchase.


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