Make More Money: Killer Trade Show Booths

Make More Money: Killer Trade Show Booths

Sep 24, 2019 | Booth Design

Make More Money: Killer Trade Show Booths

If you think that attending a trade show is about as exciting as your next board meeting, you’re doing it wrong. Or your board meetings are fascinating! A trade show exhibit done right will generate excitement, leads, and revenue.


If your trade shows are not generating excitement, leads, and revenue, maybe you’ve been going it alone. In this case, you may have discovered that there are dozens of ways for a trade show exhibit to go terribly wrong. With all of the details and decisions that go into trade show booths, don’t be taken by surprise when you find out how many improvements you can make. First-time trade show exhibits can fall flat, emotionally and physically. Unless you have your finger on the pulse of today’s business community and all they demand from a trade show, it’s easy to make common mistakes.


Expert advice and assistance, however, can give you the extra ten percent (or more) to make your trade show exhibit work the way you expect. Here are some real ways to connect with your viewing audience – whether they be there in person or online. They will turn an average trade show booth into killer material that gets you and your business noticed.



Use dynamic seating at your trade show booths. Trade shows can be exhausting, with people on their feet most of the day. Rather than having people stand around your booth awkwardly, lure future customers in with an atmospheric place to relax and recuperate. While they are off their feet, you will have an opportunity to show them your products or services.


When you give people a place to sit, you satisfy a need that many exhibitors do not even consider. You will help your visitors feel comfortable within your show booth arena and they will associate that feeling with your brand. People are more likely to be receptive to your message when they feel most at home.


Unique seating displays make for some great photo opportunities. When your visitors share these you will have an additional way to get your message seen.


When people are comfortable they aren’t so inclined to run off to the next display. You’ve got a captive audience, now make the most of that opportunity.


Use vintage vehicles to their full advantage. Vintage vehicles inspire wonder and curiosity. If your company has a strong retro element, consider using an eye-catching vintage or historical vehicle to draw crowds.


Don’t just talk about the style of the past, incorporate retro elements into your modern display. Having something tactile that people can try is a great crowd pleaser. A vintage vehicle that people can climb inside can be exciting and another photo opportunity that benefits your brand.


Nothing puts people in the mood to pay attention than actually seeing what it is you do. If you have road trips and camping merchandise to display, make sure you have plenty of it for people to touch and try.


Whether you use them as creative spaces or decorative items, classic cars and trucks tend to draw in visitors. Then it’s up to you to make the most of this opportunity.


Transform show booths into interactive inner spaces. Building on the previous tip, making your booth interactive is one of the most exciting things you can offer. A thoughtful show booth with things to do – not only things to see – demonstrates how much your customers mean to you.


Trade shows are large and busy places with lots of noise. Cut down on the background hoopla with a quiet place where consumers can find out what you are really all about. You’ll not only raise their curiosity levels, but you’ll have them fully focused on your brand and its messages while interacting with your display.


By enclosing a show booth, you are making the environment very different from the average display booth. By making your displays immersive, you may be amazed by the results and how well you do versus your competition. Don’t think show booths need to be walled in like a prison though – professional assistance can help you find the balance between a cell and a more open design that still has an enclosed feel.


Go with a living wall. For a truly unique display, why not turn a portion of your display area into a living wall. This can be particularly effective if your company features plants, food, fruits, or environmentally conscious products. A living wall is a stunning way to demonstrate your commitment to environmental protection.


The dynamic colors and textures of a living wall will attract visitors and can get them in the right frame of mind to be receptive to your offering.



Use fabric and architecture to full advantage. To make a show booth that makes your competition look flat, lightweight and flexible fabric can showcase the architecture of your trade show display. Many times, trade show booth structures look clunky and cold. Combining them with fabric, however, can transform them into elaborate structures that stand out and bring your unique message home.


Not every structure will achieve the look you are going for without help. Using fabric with your existing structure can break down even the most rigid of materials.


For extra effect, combine fabric with illumination. Consider displaying stunning graphics that will stand out under dramatic lighting. Whatever effect you may be going for, from ultra-modern to retro, effective lighting with fabric can be especially illustrative.




At Exhibit Company, we are all about putting that perfect trade show together for you so you can enjoy the benefits of a killer trade show booth. Attract more visitors and make more money with a stand-out trade show booth design. Our team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way. Just give us a call at 800-576-0018 or contact us online.