Interesting Interactive Trade Show Booth Exhibits

Interesting Interactive Trade Show Booth Exhibits

Sep 25, 2018 | Booth Design, Booth Design Ideas, Trade Show Exhibit Displays, Trade Show Exhibitions

Interactive Trade Show Booth Ideas That Work

If you want more people to engage with you at your next trade show, an interactive exhibit is a great idea. There are several awesome trade show ideas you can incorporate into your presentation. These ideas can make potential customers feel as though you value them and want their feedback. When you have games and interesting activities at your exhibit, you’re also giving a great impression of your business. Here are a few booth ideas for events you won’t want to pass up.


Make sure the interactive booth games you offer provide prizes for attendees who visit your booth. You can set up an actual or virtual prize wheel that attendees can spin. This will increase the chance that you can present a variety of prizes. This marketing tool is ideal if you have a few new products and services you want to debut at the trade show.

If you are at a trade show that allows you to play less-conservative games, take advantage of this. A ring toss, free throws or variations of bowling can be fun and memorable. You can offer promo gifts to the attendees with the highest scores. Be sure the items used to play the game display your logo for effective marketing. Your prizes can include items that fit your company’s “personality.” For instance, offer a gift basket of the foods you manufacture. Or, provide attendees with discount cards and coupons to redeem in person or online.

Fun Games

Be sure the games you offer are especially unique. If you are a software company, create a game on the virtual backdrop for guests to enjoy. If you’re a sports-centered company, make sure attendees are active when visiting your booth. You want the games to be enjoyable so people will remember your exhibit. This makes it more likely that they will refer to you in the future. Games for booth events can also include spins on classic games. For instance, if you are having the event outside, you can have a piñata made. Shape the piñata like your logo or best-selling product and fill it with coupons or free edible samples. Things like this increase the chances people will remember you after the trade show.

Social Media Involvement

Trade show booth activity ideas should also involve social media. This is such a huge part of doing business these days. So, you should make sure the games you play involve your followers. You can live stream the games at your booth to get virtual customers to participate. Or, you can advertise that you are giving a prize to the first few people who mention your business’ name on their pages. Don’t forget to thank the people who participate in these games. This is another important aspect of customer service that could help improve your impression with future customers. You can even continue your social media activities after the trade show. The more you interact with existing and potential customers, the more successful your business will be.

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