15 Winning Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

15 Winning Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Sep 23, 2018 | Booth Design, Booth Design Ideas, Trade Show Exhibit Displays, Trade Show Exhibitions

Creative Trade Show Booth Design Ideas That Will Make You The Big Winner!

There are several ways to design your trade show booth for your upcoming show. The perfect colors and creative elements could make your trade show booth one of the best at the event. You want to make sure customers walk away from the trade show remembering your business. There are many trade show design ideas for you to choose from. And, there are trade show booth design companies that can help. Here are some innovative ideas you may want to consider.

  1. Innovative Elements

Talk to your team. Try to come up with creative trade show booth ideas. Figure out which accessories you can add to the booth that will get the attention of attendees right away. If you have a food or beverage company and want to give out samples, try a popcorn or smoothie machine.

  1. Creative Machinery

You can even rent machines that allow attendees to create their own beverages. These elements make your exhibit unforgettable and can increase sales after the event. If you sell health and wellness products, a massage chair that potential customers can test is a good idea. Remember that you want attendees to walk away feeling as though they’ve had a unique experience at your booth.

  1. Bright Colors

Colors make a huge difference when it comes to how attendees will perceive your booth. If you use too many bright colors, this could be too overwhelming for the eyes. Lots of vivid hues also give the impression that your business is too focused on fun and is not serious. Instead, mix bright and subtle shades. This provides a balance between creativity and professionalism. If you want to use neon colors for your exhibit, be sure they are border or accent colors.

  1. Color Combinations

Your signage should have certain elements of bright colors as well. However, make sure the brighter colors are only used for accent words. You can also use eye-catching colors as the border for your podiums and table covers.

  1. Modular Shapes

If you have modules as part of your trade show exhibit, their shape can get attendees’ attention quickly. This can immediately make your exhibit look modern and well-decorated. Circular or cylinder-shaped seating in front of the charging station or main table is visually appealing. The main wall or banner can also be another shapely feature added to your exhibit for more visual interest.

  1. Popular Themes

Design your booth based on popular movies or cultural trends that pertain to the trade show. If your company is committed to creating futuristic products, create a “Jetsons” theme for the booth. It’s both endearing and appealing, and customers will remember it.

  1. Great Lighting

Colored lighting and creative light fixtures can all make your booth stand out. You can also make sure you send attendees home with great promo items. This could serve as a finishing touch because it gives attendees a way to remember you.

  1. Music

Choose music that fits the philosophy of your business. While this isn’t a visual element, you can pair music with your exhibit’s design to help accomplish your marketing goals. For instance, playing classical music to sell luxury products could help give customers the right impression.

  1. Flooring and Rugs

Make sure the finishing touches to your exhibit are appealing. Use an elaborate rug or creative tiles for flooring. That way, your exhibit will look more like an office and less like a booth.

  1. Interactive Screens

Allow attendees to learn more about your business through touchscreens. The screens can feature short commercials or write-ups about your company. To increase interest, position the screens so they are visible even from far away.

  1. Charging Stations

Add a sofa or seating to create a charging station. Let attendees listen to music or watch a short promo video while they charge their devices.

  1. Lead Generation

Decorate the table or area where you want attendees to leave their contact information. Ask attendees to submit business cards. Or, set up a tablet where attendees can type in their details.

  1. Partitions

Use creative partitions or curtains to separate sections of your modular exhibit. This makes it easier to know which attendees have questions and which are entering raffles or playing games. You can also see which attendees are leaving their contact information.

  1. Banners

A colorful or well-designed banner can easily be the focal point of your exhibit. Be sure the banner has all the interesting details that will attract potential customers to your booth. Light-up signs, neon colors, and creative borders can make your banner stand out.

  1. Photo Booths

Allow attendees to take their own pictures at your exhibit. But, set up a photo booth with promo items as well. It’s a fun and effective way to get your marketing message across.


The more you add creative elements to your booth, the more you will attract attendees to your exhibit. Be sure to take lots of pictures of your booth as well. Post it on your social media outlets so even more people will inquire about your company.


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