How to Create Your Custom Trade Show Displays

In a sea of businesses, custom trade show displays can help yours stand out. Trade shows are a great way to gain awareness and meet prospective buyers.

In order to catch people’s attention, you need a trade show booth design that exhibits company branding. This will enable you to get noticed even when everyone is there hoping for the same attention.

Luckily, experts at Exhibit Company have been creating custom trade show exhibits for 29 years. We’ll cover everything you need to know about custom trade show displays. Keep reading.

Keep It Simple

The last thing you want to do is overcrowd your booth. You should invest in a custom exhibit booth created with a trade show booth design company. If you have a store or hero product, you can replicate the feel in your booth.

Make sure a certain part of your booth is a focus point. This will grab attention and draw people in. This can be done with color, your logo, or the architecture of your booth.

Make It Interactive

People are drawn to new experiences. Let people into your brand world by allowing them a chance to test products. For example, if you sell mattresses your booth might have a bed front and center to draw attention.
Let people try your mattress. This applies to a variety of brands whether you sell sneakers or milkshakes.


If you see two competitors selling the same product but one has free samples-which table do you think will be more popular? Sometimes a little giveaway has huge payback.

Ideas to incentivize people to come to your table are free samples, giveaways, swag, contests, and prizes. These can also help spread word-of-mouth when people start discussing how fun it was to visit your booth.

Surprise People

The days of building a branded tent and an oblong table with flyers and business cards are over. This cannot be your tradeshow tent unless you’re a university recruiter. Custom trade show exhibits have advanced over the last decade.

Merchandise your tent in a way that attracts buyers as if they are your target consumer. Some booths will use plants, seating, and pillows to welcome guests into a space that feels like home.
You can even go as far as to change the shelving, flooring, and lighting. Your booth really needs to reflect your brand. For some, it is the first time they are seeing your brand in person, so you want to make a lasting impression.

You can modify the booth experience depending on your target consumer, whether it is buyers, investors, customers, or someone else.

Promote Your Business With Custom Trade Show Displays!

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about your product. You can introduce your brand to thousands at a trade show. This means it is a highly impressionable opportunity.

Custom trade show displays can help your brand stand out and ripple word of mouth well beyond the trade show. Contact us today for a free quote to start building your custom trade show display!