Trade Show Booth Graphics and Exhibit Designs

Trade Show Booth Graphics and Exhibit Designs

Sep 15, 2018 | Booth Design, Booth Design Ideas, Trade Show Exhibit Displays, Trade Show Exhibitions, Uncategorized

Graphics and Booth Design to make a Difference

If you’re looking for awesome trade show ideas to make your next marketing event a success, the right graphics can make all the difference. Your graphics, including the color and designs that you use, can help attendees to better understand your business and become long-term customers. Graphics can also set you apart from other companies. They can send the message that you don’t mind standing out and that your products will speak for themselves. Of course, the design of your booth can help you to make a wonderful first impression at a trade show, as well. Here are a few ways that you can use your booth design ideas and graphics to be one of the most interesting companies at your next trade show.

Exhibit Walls

When it comes to trade show booth design ideas, be sure to take a look at some exhibit walls that will bring the entire space together.
If the wall curves slightly and shows a vivid or detailed graphic, this can make the booth especially welcoming. Tall exhibit walls can also draw attention to your booth and catch the eye of attendees. Make sure you’re using graphics that are easy to see or messages that are easy to read.

Your wall can also be interactive. If you want to invite attendees to touch the wall in order to navigate to another screen and watch a short video about your business or read a few company reviews, this is one of the creative trade show booth ideas that will make your exhibit stand out, as well. Be sure that your walls have your logo. Your contact information must be clearly visible. Showing your information clearly will assure that attendees can easily get in touch with you after the trade show.

Table Covers

The table covers you use add texture to your exhibit and make the main table of your booth especially welcoming. The table cover is another way to showcase your logo and brand name. You can use colors to give more character to your booth and let potential customers know more about your company. For instance, purple is a color of royalty and elegance. It is ideal for your business when you want to send the message that your products and services are sophisticated and among the best in the industry. A blue table cover is an effective way to say that your company is trustworthy and committed to stellar customer service. If you use red or orange in your table covers, these colors can promote excitement or hunger. Therefore it’s best to incorporate these colors into the table cover when you want potential customers to try a sample or a new product you’re introducing at the trade show.

These trade show booth design tips can assist you in ensuring the everyone who visits your booth sees something that makes your business memorable. This is especially important if you’re not doing direct sales at your booth since you want attendees to refer to you in the future when they need the services and products you have to offer.

Exhibit Graphics and Booth Design

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