Ultimate Guide To Exhibiting At A Trade Show In Las Vegas

Ultimate Guide To Exhibiting At A Trade Show In Las Vegas

Sep 6, 2018 | Trade Show Calendar, Trade Show Exhibit Displays, Trade Show Exhibitions

Great Ideas for your Exhibit at a Las Vegas Trade Show

If you’re going to a Las Vegas trade show, there are a few things you need to know about making sure that the show is a success for your company. Your exhibit can be a little flashier than normal (after all, you’re in Las Vegas). Keep in mind that a more creative approach may be necessary to get the attention of attendees. Here are some ideas that could make your time at a Vegas trade show especially beneficial.

Trade Show Displays

If you normally use neutral colors for your exhibit, you can update your logo to include a few more vivid hues in your display. You can still maintain the professional appearance of the exhibit by making sure that your signage is easy to read.

Adding flooring that is similar to what is in your office building also gives your exhibit a professional touch and makes the space inviting.

It’s a good idea to use lighting as part of your exhibit as well. Spotlights and accent lighting in a variety of colors is a great idea for a Vegas show. You can even use small strobe lights and disco balls to bring more attention to your best-selling or new products.

The mixture of a professional presentation with elements of fun and color can make your company appear more interesting. These visual elements can also get attendees to stay at the booth longer. They will spend more time learning about your company as well as the benefits of your products and service.


Exhibitor 2018 trends include a lot of technological elements. Keep this in mind when you’re getting ready for your Las Vegas trade show. You can purchase an interactive wall or banner for your exhibit. This allows attendees to touch the screen to learn about your company’s history, see a short catalog of your products or even listen to a commercial about your services. The screen can also be used to gather contact information from attendees. You can program some of the walls to ask customers to enter their phone numbers or email addresses. You can do the same thing with a tablet that is mounted to your main table. Adding graphics and music to these features will make them more appealing as well.

Games and Additional Features

Since Las Vegas is known for its entertainment and gambling, your exhibitor show 2018 Las Vegas plan should include games and special features that make visiting your booth a fun experience.

A roulette wheel or prize booth is a great way to get people to learn more about your business. You can announce the winners every 30 minutes or hour to increase interest in your exhibit.

Live streaming parts of the trade show and including attendees in the footage allows you to customize the event. You can show the footage on the monitors in real time and allow people to add filters.

A photo booth is another great way to increase brand recognition, especially if attendees are holding promotional materials. Be sure to ask all attendees to tag your business on social media as well. This will get the word out about your company to people who weren’t able to attend the trade show but could still turn into customers.

List of Las Vegas Upcoming Trade Shows

Finding the Right Exhibit Booth

Now that we have provided a few great ideas for exhibiting at a Las Vegas Trade Show, let’ start thinking about your booth. To learn more about designing and constructing the perfect booth for your business contact The Exhibit Company. We have over 29 years in the trade show exhibition booth industry. Feel free to take a look at our website and view all of the amazing exhibit booths we have created. Let us help you get started. We are located in Camarillo, Ca, however, we provide trade show exhibit booths to the entire country as well as internationally.

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