Our Favorite Trade Show Banner Stands

A well-designed banner stand graphic can communicate your message, and broadcast your logo from across a busy trade hall or conference venue.

Winning Formulas to Rock Your Trade Show Exhibit

No matter at what kind of trade show you intend to exhibit, the primary goal is to attract people to your booth. Whether you’re looking to generate leads or sales, neither are possible unless you can manage to lure people to your display.

Trade Show Mistakes to Avoid

The competition at trade shows is fierce with every booth jostling for attention. Standing out from the crowd has never been more essential. Creating eye-catching displays and designs is crucial if you want people to notice your business. Equally important is avoiding simple mistakes that can quickly turn your booth into a turn-off. You wouldn’t believe the number of times the following errors are made, and while they won’t completely kill your trade show success, they will severely hamper it. Don’t fall foul of these slip-ups. Take care to avoid them and enjoy the rewards of having one of the best booths at trade shows!

Creating Business Partnerships for Trade Shows

There are several reasons a trade show can be successful. You’ll expose your product to attendees who may become customers. You’ll also get the chance to appeal to other businesses that you may want to partner with in the future. There are certain steps you can take to forge successful partnerships with the businesses of your choice. However, you’ll need to come up with a plan before the actual show to ensure your next trade show will be even more successful.

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Keeping Up Your Energy During Trade Shows

Even after your exhibits and displays are properly arranged and you’ve assigned specific tasks to your team, continuous energy is important. The right exhibit design solutions can ensure you’re not too exhausted during trade shows

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B2B Trade Show Tips

The main focus of trade shows is usually to appeal to attendees who will hopefully turn into customers. However, there are B2B trade shows that allow you to showcase your products and connect with other business owners. These corporate events could even give you the necessary exposure to create lucrative partnerships. To make the most of a B2B trade show, keep these helpful tips in mind.

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The Best Booth Space Location at LA Convention Center

There’s no better place to share your brand at a trade show, convention, or exhibition in Los Angeles than at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The LA Convention Center is located right downtown, making it a prime location and one of the top choices for events in the LA area. With more than two million visitors each year, and 350 events annually, the facility is obviously the number one choice for many companies wanting to show off their offerings and attract new clients or industry partners.

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Trade Show Exhibits for Elderly Consumers

At times, trade shows are designed to appeal to particular audiences. If you’re attending a trade show mainly for elderly consumers, there are several things to keep in mind. There are specific needs that elderly customers have. These consumers also want to be treated with respect and are more up-to-date on changes in the market than previous elderly generations. Attracting the right demographic and retaining their business is a matter of understanding and caring about your consumers. These suggestions could make your next consumer-specific trade show a success.

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Should You Create an App for an Upcoming Trade Show?

It may be a good idea to create an app to advertise the trade show. There are certain factors that will let you know if creating an app is the right marketing move for you. If you’re considering this, there are some important things to include in the app.

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Creating a PR Schedule for an Upcoming Trade Show

PR is an important part of the trade show process. When you get the right media coverage, you’re more likely to attract customers, even those who can’t attend the show. We provide some helpful tips that will assist you in creating an executing a successful PR schedule.

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