Let’s Talk About Flooring For Your Next Trade Show

Let’s Talk About Flooring For Your Next Trade Show

Oct 23, 2018 | Trade Show Exhibitions, Uncategorized

Many Reasons To Choose The Right Flooring

If you’re preparing for an upcoming trade show, you’ve likely already designed your exhibit. While you may know which table covers and signage you’re using, you may not have considered flooring. There are several flooring types to choose from depending on your company’s overall style. The right flooring can make a lasting impression on attendees and make your exhibit look especially polished.

10×10 Trade Show Flooring

 10×10 trade show flooring has become increasingly popular. The flooring is designed for smaller exhibit spaces but can make the area appear larger. There are several colors of trade show flooring, so choosing the shades that match your logo can make your exhibit stand out. You can select commercial floor mats to put in front of your main table as a way to welcome guests as well. Or, you can purchase rolled carpet to put in your trade show space. This will give customers the impression that they are getting the royal treatment.

Trade Show Booth Flooring Ideas

 When it comes to trade show booth flooring ideas, making your customers feel welcomed is essential. Making attendees feel as though they are in your office will also make the exhibit more professional. Flooring is one of the ways to emphasize your professionalism and attention to detail. Flooring that is comfortable to walk on is also appealing and could motivate attendees to stay at your booth longer. A classic black and white tile design grab the eye. Or, you could choose tile flooring with an attractive border that brings the look of your exhibit together. If your exhibit contains muted colors, flooring in a brighter shade provides a nice contrast. If you use neon colors, choosing black flooring could help bring the look of the exhibit together.

Custom Trade Show Flooring

Selecting a custom trade show flooring is another way to attract attendees to your booth. You can work with a designer to have your logo printed on some of the tiles. Or, you could request that the name of your business be displayed on a few tiles. If you’re also using lighting at your exhibit, create a few stencils. The stencils can include your company name, logo or short slogan. Place the stencils in front of a large spotlight that can be displayed on the floor. This is a good way to add visual appeal while being creative.

Trade Show Floor Tiles

 Trade show floor tiles can be made of vinyl and linoleum or can have a stone or a granite feel to them. Choose the tiles that best match the design of your business materials and overall exhibit. Marble tiles can make your exhibit look more sophisticated. Tiles that fit together like a puzzle and display primary colors are ideal for promoting children’s products. A large tile that covers your entire exhibit area may also work well. Getting the measurements for your exhibit space will help you determine which flooring is best.

Wood Flooring

 Wood flooring looks great with virtually any exhibit. The flooring can provide a rustic feel if you choose a distressed look. This is ideal for artisan or vintage-style products. Wood flooring that is shiny and looks brand new is great if you have a business with a modern flare. The rich, dark color of Cherrywood contrasts well with metallic shades. Lighter wood shades look great with pastel colors, and medium brown wood floors are a good match for jewel tones. Wood floors make your booth look polished and creates an office-like atmosphere. When customers enjoy the professional setup, they’ll be more likely to express interest in what you have to offer. This could help you foster a positive relationship with attendees and make sales once the trade show has ended.

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