Key Things To Know Before Exhibiting At A Trade Show

Key Things To Know Before Exhibiting At A Trade Show

Oct 28, 2018 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays, Trade Show Exhibitions

Key Things To Know Before Exhibiting At A Trade Show

Deciding to exhibit at a trade show is an important step for your business. This is one of the best ways to promote your goods and services. Trade shows also allow you to speak with potential customers face to face and network with other business owners. This can help you make a great impression and increase word-of-mouth marketing effectiveness. However, before you travel to the exhibit site, there are a few things you should know. The more prepared you are for the trade show, the greater the chances are that you’ll leave the trade show with some qualified leads. And of course, more leads can lead to more sales. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

Identify Your Goals and Expectations

 It’s important that you and your team are clear on what you want to accomplish at the trade show. Do you want to pique the interest of potential customers? Are you looking for a certain amount of leads? Do you want more social media followers? When you know what you’re going after, you can come up with a solid marketing plan. You’ll also be able to select the right team members to handle certain aspects of your plan. It would be best if you too were honest about your expectations. If you want to make sales at the trade show, your tactics should be compelling without overwhelming attendees. If you’re looking to gain more of a social media presence, your exhibit should reflect this. It may also be helpful to write out your plan and go over it with your team. This way, everyone knows their role in making the trade show a success.

Know Trade Show Event Data

 Make sure that you’ve researched some data about trade shows before you attend the event. How many trade shows for your industry are held per year? Which shows are the most popular? Which trade shows in your city or state, draw the most attendees? How likely are you to make sales at these events? Studying data can give you insight into how successful business owners have been at trade shows. When you know the success rate of the trade you’re attending and trade shows in general, you can form realistic expectations. The data may also encourage you to set goals that will benefit your business during and after the trade show. When you know which sales or marketing tactics work best, you can incorporate these into your exhibit and appeal to more attendees.

Know the Audience You Are Targeting

Perhaps one of the most important parts of putting together a trade show marketing plan is knowing your audience. When you know the type of customers you’re targeting, your booth, product offerings, and sales pitch will be effectively customized. For instance, if you sell organic foods or snacks and notice that parents are your main consumers, use this to your advantage. Make sure your marketing messages detail the fact that your products are healthy for kids. If you sell clothing items or accessories and your target audience is corporate employees, keep this in mind. Emphasize in your marketing that the clothing is great for an office setting.

The wording you use in your banners, signage, and brochures should also attract the right audience. Trendy wording or hashtags are ideal if Millennials are your target market. Short, concise sentences are ideal for older customers with busy schedules. Customers can tell that you’ve taken the time to get to know what interests them.. This increases the chances that trade show attendees will be interested in your business and make future purchases.

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