Our Favorite Trade Show Banner Stands

Our Favorite Trade Show Banner Stands

Mar 19, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays, Trade Show Exhibitions

Our Favorite Trade Show Banner Stands

Banner stands are a portable solution. They hold and display a (usually) custom-printed banner graphic in place and are a tried-and-tested essential of any trade show booth.

They are one of our most popular products for good reason; the right one can send a clear message about what you do and about your product line. A well-designed banner stand graphic can communicate your message, and broadcast your logo from across a busy trade hall or conference venue.

As well as making a good impression, they’re possibly the most affordable way to get your message across. Banner stands are so useful that if your budget is very limited and your venue is at least supplying furniture and a table, you could get by with one of our table tops and one or two banner stands as a minimum. Many businesses have a shared rule that they should not go to a show without a few well-designed and printed trade banner stands!


Different types of Trade Show Banner Stands

Here at The Exhibit Company, we don’t simply resell manufacturers’ banner stands and equipment, we provide complete solutions for your trade show needs. We can design, print and supply a huge range of stands from nearly any manufacturer and customize equipment to suit you. Some of the more common types of banner stands are briefly explained below:

  • Roller Banners are usually the most affordable and include a printed graphic, which is rolled up within the base and then simply pulled up and hooked or attached to the top, often using a modular pole held together with bungee cord.
  • Tensioned Banner Stands are an alternative to roller stands, which, perhaps, offer a higher impact. They are lightweight, and fast to use with the banner held taught, usually with aluminum or plastic frame.
  • Outdoor Banner Stands are designed to resist winds with anchoring systems or ground screws to stop them blowing over in windy conditions. They can be designed to resist water too.
  • Flag Banner Stands fly a fabric portrait flag with a heavy base or anchoring system, perfect for outdoor or indoor use with an arm at the top to hold the flag taught and ensure your message is seen.
  • A variant within these are banner stands which include Replaceable Cassette Banners hold modular cassettes that can be swapped out with different graphics, saving money on the stand itself and allowing you to change your message to suit audience or location.


Some of Our Favorites

Quality varies, but many businesses discover for themselves that many of the most affordable stands will offer years of service if treated well. More affordable stands may also be ideal for occasional or light use.

At this end of the spectrum, the “Start Retractable” offers a basic but sturdy retractable banner at an affordable price. This unit comes with a three-piece bungee pole, with a swivel foot base for stability. You even get a carry bag included and at 9lbs (4kg) it’s a great ‘on-the-go’ display. The assembled unit is 32.5” (826mm) wide and 83.125” (2111mm) high.

A Retractable Bamboo Base will help you give the right impression if you want to show off your green credentials. You’ll pay a bit more, but this stand is nearly entirely made from renewable bamboo and with its precision-engineered retraction system it’s easy and quick to set up almost anywhere. Continuing the natural materials theme, it includes a cotton carrying case with shoulder strap for easy portability.

For outdoor use, the ‘Splash’ flag banner stand a great way to show off your brand and create buzz around your booth. Available in four height options from 5’ to 8’ tall set up could hardly be easier. Slide the flag on to the vertical bar, then just clip it to the bar using the included clips. The vertical top bar holds the flag flat and a weighted steel base provides stability.

For the more complete set-up, you can combine different sizes of the banner to create an effective backdrop to your booth. For example, in the past we have provided 2x 24” stands either side of a larger 48” stand with lighting to provide a real professional look and feel, yet maintaining portability and ease of use.

We use Nimlok equipment in many of our booths and their linking banner kits stand out as providing great flexible solutions which can include corners and curves linked together for maximum impact. As well as flexible joining bars made from specialist materials these offer tool-less assembly and automatic tensioners to ensure graphics are held taut.

At the premium end of the market, we are happy to recommend equipment from Nomadic. Nomadic is well known in the exhibit market for innovation in modular exhibit. Their FabLite and FabriMural ranges are popular choices, offering affordability with ‘pop up’ convenience. Both come in padded carry bags or shipping cases and provide back wall displays.

Another of our partners, DisplayFolio offer more permanent but more luxurious and premium banner stands. Whilst you lose some portability you get a more premium feel. Alternatively, their range of ‘Mercury Retractable Banner Stands’ offers the best of both worlds, and includes a hard case carry kit.


How The Exhibit Company Can Help

The Exhibit Company offers trade show banner stands in a wide range of sizes – from 8.5” to 8ft wide, and in height from small table top banners to 8ft or taller. Take a look at our banner stand page which includes the whole range of different types of banner stands explained below.

You can use our design service and rental library coupled with our logistics offering to create higher quality engaging booths which create those moments between customers and your team which drive business.

Get in touch today to find out what our experts think is the best solution for your requirements.