Effective Conference Booth Ideas At Your Next Event – Planning Ahead

Effective Conference Booth Ideas At Your Next Event – Planning Ahead

Aug 29, 2018 | Booth Design, Trade Show Exhibitions

Booth Design Is Essential For Attracting Visitors

Are you and your team preparing to attend a trade show or industry conference soon? It’s essential that you have marketing and promotional materials that will appeal to attendees. However, before attendees speak with you long enough to know whether they are interested in your business, you’ll need to have a booth design that will get people’s attention in a positive way. Here are a few exhibit booth design ideas that can bring attendees to your exhibit and help you make a great first impression.

Interactive Booth Ideas

Among the things, you may want to use are interactive booth ideas. Activities and features that everyone can participate in increases the chances that attendees will remember your business after the trade show.

Choose a large touchscreen that allows potential customers to see commercials pertaining to your services and products. A screen that allows attendees to take a survey and submit their contact information will make your company memorable. This is a great lead generator enabling you to keep up with the people who visit your exhibit.

You can also make your booth interactive by having a prize wheel at the main table. Allow attendees to spin the wheel and feature a different prize on each section of the wheel. This is a fun way to give out promotional items that will boost brand recognition during and after the trade show.

Lighting and Music

Lighting and music also play a huge role in appealing to consumers when it comes to exhibit booth design ideas. Even though spotlights, colored lighting or popular music doesn’t directly showcase the services or products your company offers, these elements can be used to make your inventory more exciting. Upbeat music also sends a message to attendees that you’re aware of current trends and that you want to appeal to customers who value attributes like speed, quality or convenience. You can choose lighting that displays the colors of your logo. You can choose from a variety of colors that people can see from several feet away, which could make them curious about what’s at your booth.

Graphics and Fabrics

Innovative designs for your banners and table covers are important, as well. If you’ve decorated most of your booth with neutral colors, banners and table covers that are bright and inviting are a great choice. You can also accent the table covers with elements like glitter or an attention-getting border to make your exhibit look especially elegant. You can also choose materials for your table cover that characterize your business. For instance, a table cover made from recycled cotton is ideal if your business is environmentally friendly. A velvet table cover is perfect if you sell upscale products designed for people with a specific sense of style.

Be sure that your signs and banners portray the message if you have free or discounted items for attendees. Advertise that you’re willing to interact with potential customers to answer any questions they may have.

Friendly and Engaging Team

No matter what designs you choose to go with for your convention exhibit, make sure that your team is friendly and engaging at your next marketing event. Your décor may get attendees interested, but an informed and welcoming customer service team is what will turn these attendees into long-term consumers.

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