Best Practices for Exhibit Furnishings

Best Practices for Exhibit Furnishings Furniture and decor can turn a good exhibit into a great one – if you give these often-overlooked elements the attention they deserve. I feel like I say this about all areas of trade show exhibiting, but every component of your program serves a specific purpose that is just waiting […]

5 Tips on Follow-Up Strategies for Leads

5 Tips on Effective Follow-Up Strategies for Trade Show Leads Recently, I had a phenomenal connection with an exhibitor at an industry trade show. We really clicked, the conversation flowed and their solution looked like a good fit. So when I got an email from this person after the show, I was excited to open […]

Trade Show Booth Trends: Design and Tech

At the end of every year, we like to get together with a few industry experts and place our bets on what trade show booth trends will be hot next year. This year, we sat down with Dave Stamm, CEO of Stamm Media and Ben Synborski, President of SYNDESIGN to hear which trends were booming […]

52 Best Trade Show Booth Games To Stand Out In 2023

Trade shows are serious business. Ninety-two percent of attendees say the primary reason for attending trade shows is to check out the featured products. However, there’s plenty of room for fun and games. Games are one of the best ways to ensure your booth stands out from the competition, resulting in additional foot traffic, brand […]

Women and Tradeshows: The Early Years

Women and Tradeshows: The Early Years March is Women’s History Month, a time to recognize and celebrate influential women, whether they be inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, friends or family. Everyone has at least one woman in their lives, and if lucky and blessed, they have many more than one. Below are some women who […]

The Z: Planning for the Gen Z Attendee

There’s a mystery to Gen Z that I think even we as members of the generation can’t quite figure out for ourselves. We are self-driven, fiercely independent and full of ambition—at least on the inside, and for the most part, we’re aware of all our good. Sometimes, it feels like the world isn’t. Unfortunately, what […]

Fix What’s Broken for Attendees at In-Person Events

Fix What’s Broken for Attendees at In-Person Events By Dahlia El Gazzar, DES Attendee engagement is at the heart of every show. Here, Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2022 presenter Dahlia El Gazzar, DES, Owner and Tech Evangelist at Dahlia+Agency, shares ways in which exhibition and event organizers can create the ultimate attendee experience. Part one […]

How the Exhibiting Dollar is Spent

How the Exhibiting Dollar is Spent Confronted with post-pandemic budgets and rising inflation, exhibit managers need to know exactly where their money is likely to go in the foreseeable future. To help you compare your allocations to industry averages, EXHIBITOR surveyed more than 300 companies to see how the exhibit dollar is currently being […]

3 Record-Breaking Expos Signal Optimism for Continued Industry Growth

3 Record-Breaking Expos Signal Optimism for Continued Industry Growth Despite news this year that has portrayed trade show attendance as being down overall, some events are clearly beating the odds. Three recent record-breakers—PACK EXPO International, PRINTING United Expo and Equip Exposition—are sending a message of overwhelming positivity for the event industry’s future, with attendance surpassing […]