2018 Cutting Edge Exhibition Booth Lighting Ideas

2018 Cutting Edge Exhibition Booth Lighting Ideas

Sep 10, 2018 | Booth Design, Trade Show Exhibitions, Trade Show Lighting

Get Attention With Cutting Edge Exhibition Booth Lighting

When you design a booth for a trade show, it’s important to include lighting features that will make your products and signage more attractive. The type of lighting you use can also provide trade show attendees with information about the design philosophy of your company. Lighting can even indicate how creative and artistic your company is. Of course, the right lighting can bring attention to your exhibit in a way that will make your company one to remember after the trade show.

If you’re not sure which lighting style or features are right for your booth, here are a few suggestions that may prove helpful.

Display Lights

Be sure to include trade show booth lighting that brings attention to your newest product and the signage on your table or backdrop. These lights should be bright so that the main features of your exhibit are easy to see from several feet away, but not so bright that the display is hard to look at once attendees are up close. Warm lights with a yellow or orange tinge are ideal for showcasing products as well since these colors are warm and inviting. If you want your company to send the message that your products are high-quality or cutting-edge, LED exhibition lighting in a blue tint works well. Blue is a color that makes people more trusting, so these color tactics can help to make your marketing more effective.

Lights For the Booth

Trade show booth lighting should indicate the character of your company. This means that the main lighting should show off your style so that you’ll stand out amongst all the other exhibits. A chandelier is a great idea if your company is known for producing high-end goods or, if your products are natural or eco-friendly, you can use a light fixture made from a recyclable material that has green-tinged lighting. The larger, more prominent lights should coordinate with the design of your exhibit and can serve as a marketing tool that makes the mission of your business more apparent.

Track Lighting

Trade show booth track lighting helps to bring attention to a line of products in a way that is impressive and easy on the eyes. The track lighting can be positioned along your main banner as well, so that attendees can clearly see your business logo and contact information. White lights are the standard choice for track lighting, but you can also use colored lights that match your company colors.

Portable Display Lights

Your trade show display light choices may need to include portable lights if your exhibit is small or if you attend trade shows often. These lights should be easy to set up and store but should still be bright enough to give your booth a professional feel. There are also several clamp-on lights you can use for small items that you want to showcase. These lights can be positioned on the table where your marketing materials are displayed or on the side of the posters detailing various parts of your booth (i.e. the place for attendees to sign in or spin the prize wheel).

When you use lights of various sizes to bring the look of your trade show booth together, you can motivate attendees to visit your booth. The right lighting and décor can also make you memorable so that customers will get in touch with you to make purchases in the future.

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