Trade Shows: Creative Safety Precautions You Need Before Returning to Work

Trade Shows: Creative Safety Precautions You Need Before Returning to Work

2020 has seen the business world turned on its head, with most industries having to make major adjustments before employees can safely return to work. While safety must always come first, in the world of trade shows, you have the opportunity to get creative about it.
Since you have to make changes anyway, now is the perfect time to reassess your booth design. When trade shows finally open their doors again, you’ll not only be safety ready, but you’ll also have a kick-ass booth display to show off.

Here are our top tips for getting creative while keeping COVID free:

Get Your PPE Branded
Face masks and visors have become the norm in most enclosed environments. They are essential in protecting yourself and others from passing the virus on. There’s absolutely no need for these to be boring, though. There are plenty of companies out there who can print any image you like onto face masks. Get your PPE branded with your logo or theme colors and it will fit seamlessly into your overall design.

Remember to invest in face masks and visors that are made from the approved materials; otherwise, they won’t adequately protect your staff and customers. Check government guidelines if you’re not sure.

Prepare for Less Traffic
To ensure social distancing can be maintained, it is likely that the footfall of events is going to be greatly reduced. This means you have to prepare for the likelihood of receiving much less traffic.

In this scenario, you need to really hone in on who your ideal customer is and think of ways you can attract them over. Fewer people also means you have the time and space to give a more attentive experience to those who do visit your booth. If you really focus on giving a great one-to-one encounter to your customers, you’ll be placing the focus on quality, not quantity.

Rearrange Your Booth Design for Social Distancing
Maintaining the distance between your staff and customers is essential, as is ensuring your booth space doesn’t get overcrowded. Here are some ideas on how to achieve this:

 Invest in some cool-looking floor stickers, so people know where to stand
 Implement a one-way system to guide people through your display. Make it a journey of your brand story, so people have information to look at as they move through
 Install a special area for having one-to-one conversations. You can make this safe by having a screen up in-between the staff member and customer
 To be extra safe, you can have staff that is not even at the event but available on a video chat. Customers simply pop headphones on and have the same experience as if they were face to face

Freebies for Safety
Change up your freebie offering by giving out mini bottles of branded hand sanitizer or branded face-masks. The best thing about these freebies is that they’ll be used by those who receive them.

Have a Sanitation Station
It’s a very wise move to set up a sanitation station next to your booth (it’s also great to have one in your business premises). Have sanitizer gel dispensers for people to use as well as single-use paper towels. This is essential if your booth includes screens and other display elements that are touched by people.
Assign a staff member to be on sanitation duty. They’re responsible for disinfecting a surface after someone has touched it and making sure everything stays sparkly clean. Additionally, they should make sure the gel dispensers are always full and that paper towels are available.

Select Your Staff Appropriately
It’s not fair to insist that someone be in a public environment if they’re not comfortable with it. Before your staff return to work, ask them what they’re happy doing and make adjustments to their job roles accordingly.
Those who prefer to stay isolated can take care of admin or back-office aspects of the trade shows. Those comfortable in public can be customer-facing. Use this as a good opportunity to cross-train staff in different areas of your business.

Hold a Virtual Show
So many things happened virtually during confinement. Concerts, events, and conferences were all available at the click of a button. It may be that trade shows can’t happen for a while, so why not hold your own virtual event?
Spread the news via social media and through your usual communication channels. Get people to tune in at a certain time and have a program of engaging events ready. You can have industry speakers and leaders speak via video conference, run a competition, and give attendees an opportunity to ask questions. The only limit to this is your imagination, and the best thing is that it’s 100% COVID safe!

Support Your Staff
Communication is key through this crisis, and you need to be closely monitoring your staff to ensure they’re ok:
 Hold regular staff meetings so any issues can be raised and rectified
 Consider providing mental health support
 Enable staff to work remotely where possible
 Implement a ride-share scheme so staff can avoid using public transport
 Be understanding and sympathetic towards each individual’s circumstances and needs

By fostering a positive work environment, your staff will be happy and motivated despite changing situations. When trade shows start back up, everyone will be in a great place mentally and fully prepared to work creatively and effectively.

There’s no doubt that things have to change. Trade shows are no exception. Show organizers may even prevent you from attending if you haven’t implemented proper safety precautions. Start preparing now, so when your next show arrives, you’re COVID safe and ready to knock it out of the park.