The Most Exciting Trends in the Trade Show Business

The Most Exciting Trends in the Trade Show Business

Jul 31, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibitions

The Most Exciting Trends in the Trade Show Business

Trade show trends are always evolving, as companies and organizations try different tactics to engage with their audiences. Some aspects of successful trade show design and organization are steadfast. Investing in a well-designed booth, for example, or ensuring that you have plenty of business cards and other corporate literature on hand. But there are always new ways to attract the attention of potential clients. Testing out a few trends is a great way to uncover more about what works for your particular demographic.
Live Demonstrations and Interactive Elements

With so many things to look at and so many companies and organizations competing for atten- tion during a trade show, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. Add in the short at- tention span of many visitors, and you will quickly find you have few chances to attract a crowd. Live demonstrations and interactive elements in your trade show booth both help with this prob- lem, giving passersby a reason to stop by your booth.

There are several options for demonstrations, ranging from one on one or small group presenta- tions as people pass by and express interest, to larger, scheduled theater-type demonstrations. Make sure you are able to devote the right kind of space to larger groups without crowding the booth, and that your presenter’s voice will be heard by all those interested in hearing. A one-to- one setting is more casual, allowing flexibility, while theater-style demonstrations reach more people at once but require more advanced planning.
As for interactive elements, trends in this area include interactive touch screens, smartphone apps that augment reality for trade show attendees, virtual reality presentations and demonstrations, and even games with prizes for participants. Make it fun, and you will draw a crowd.

A Booth with a Purpose

Trade show visitors know that you want to sell them on your services, or sell your products to them. Because of this, it’s a growing trend to step away from the overt marketing and move to- ward simply creating a comfortable or useful space that happens to be branded with your busi- ness details.

For example, instead of creating a booth that’s all about marketing, you could create a mini snack bar or refreshment area featuring drinks named after business elements and swag with your contact information. Or, you could set up a space with comfy chairs, charging stations, and a qui- eter atmosphere, for busy attendees to catch their breath and power up their phones, while pock- eting your business card and remembering that you take care of your clients well.

Figure out what you can do for your clients, and focus on that as a major part of your booth de- sign.
Selfie Space and Photo-Worthy Booths

Everyone is an influencer these days, which means if you can create a booth that is social-media- share-worthy, you will have access to an even wider audience. People want to share what they are doing with their followers, and that typically happens through selfies and other images these days. Take advantage of the trend by making one part of your booth a selfie space, with an amaz- ing background, top-notch props, and excellent lighting. With the right design, your booth will be all over social media.

A Meeting Area

Yes, trade shows are fun events with swag, prizes, giveaways, and other lighthearted enjoyments — and they are also business events, where connections are made and networking happens. If you are able to set aside a small, quiet area of your booth for on the spot meetings, your potential clients will appreciate the opportunity to get down to business without having to wait for the show to be over.

If you have a meeting area in place, you can also offer scheduled appointments with clients who want to keep checking out the trade show but still want to come back and consult with you. While previously you would have had to trade information and hope they were still interested later on, now you can pencil them into your pop-up meeting space and ensure you have the chance to connect while everyone’s memories are still fresh.
A meeting area is a booth design that shows you care about having fun and keeping clients com- fortable, while still placing a high priority on professionalism.

Unique Lighting

Today’s lighting technology means you can easily make your booth design that much better, en- hancing all of its features with unique, attractive lighting. Gone are the days of harsh overhead lighting and perhaps a lamp or two. Now you can highlight important areas of your booth with backlighting, use colorful bulbs to spotlight a particular display or portion of the booth, and cre- ate a generally more soft, soothing environment that makes it easier to hold a conversation.

We use many different types of LED lighting to maximize the effectiveness of your trade show display, offering bright illumination, long term reliability, and ease of travel and installation. We’re happy to work with you to create a custom lighting solution for your display.
Working with Exhibit Company

We’re here to translate these trends and others into something that works for your business, your goals, and your budget. We offer trade show exhibit booth rentals, as well as booths for pur- chase, and can custom design products whether you’re renting them or keeping them for good, incorporating any of these trends into your trade show design.

With lots of experience in the trade show industry, we know what makes trade show displays unique and engaging, and what trends are worth exploring. We know the value of a first impres- sion, and how much of an investment trade show material can be. With all of that in mind, we will work with you to bring your ideas for custom exhibit displays and design solutions to life, impressing existing customers and bringing in new business.

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