Trade Show Strategies That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Trade shows have been known to take over the lives of their organizers. It doesn’t need to be this way. We have the experience to improve not only your trade show experience but your life.

Here are some key strategies that we recommend for their far-reaching results and for their ability to let you sleep like a baby while others are panicking. Follow these guidelines and get in touch with us at any time for an impact that you feel in your bottom line and your daily life.

Make your Booth Comfortable

A comfortable booth provides relief from the hustle of a trade show. Most trade show attendees will be on their feet for hours. Big events can be exhilarating and overwhelming, but if you can offer people somewhere to sit, perhaps get a drink or a snack, or a moment of peace, you will be a welcome oasis. This is an excellent way for your brand to be remembered positively.

Your visitors will be thankful for the calm or chairs you provide. Not only will this help differentiate you from other stands, but helping visitors relax makes them more receptive to brand messages. A comfortable, relaxed booth is more likely make visitors linger, giving your staff more chance to connect with them to learn, to sell, or both.

Use Interactivity to Boost Engagement

An interactive booth gives your visitor something to do, such as a game to play or a puzzle to solve. Incorporating fun into the trade show experience is very welcome. An interactive element also takes the pressure of your staff. Instead, your staff can focus on creating more meaningful interactions.

A display that has an interactive element also feels less as though it is about hard selling. While staff facilitate the experience, the interactive element can help reinforce the brand image and help sell the product or service.

An engaging booth means that there is less grunt work for your staff, so the whole experience should be more fun for everyone than a typical trade show booth. This can do wonders for helping people remember your brand and associating it with positive emotions.

Launch a Product

If you’re going to do it, launching a product at your trade show is a great idea. Not only does it give you a focus, but it is very popular with attendees. According to SpinGo Event Management, seeing new products is the number one reason for people to visit a trade show.

Since product launches are popular at trade shows and most people visit to see new products in action, your product launch has a great chance of hitting the mark and generating great results. This should equate to great, measurable ROI for your product launch efforts.

Equip and Prepare Your Staff

Make sure your staff has everything it needs to do a good job representing your brand at a trade show.

• Breaks – you don’t want staff phoning it in. Ensure to plan so that everyone has adequate breaks to stay energized and focused. Toilet facilities may be some distance from your booth and queuing may be involved, so an adequate break may be longer than you think.
• Comfortable clothing – if your staff wears a uniform or requires a dress code, remember that standing for long periods is tiring. Your staff’s clothing should be relevant to your brand, but appropriate footwear, such as sneakers, can help your staff represent your brand without wincing.
• Refreshments – Whether cold or hot, drinks and snacks are great for your visitors. They can also keep your staff from being tempted to leave your booth understaffed or unattended while they seek refreshments.
• Information – help your staff prepare so that they know everything they need to know about the history of your company and your products of services. A trade show will help sales staff hone its skills, but it’s probably not the place to shove newcomers to your firm.

Happier staff is more productive and will engage better with visitors. This will lead to a better experience for your customers, which should be reflected in your bottom line.

Use Technology

Technology can make your booth and your life better in a number of ways.

Before a trade show
• Use one or more email campaigns, such as a drip campaign, to spread the word about your event and build anticipation.
• Get on social media to post content regarding the event and why it’s the place to be.
• Offer your followers and subscribers incentives to visit you in person at the event.

Social media
• Let your customers connect with you themselves by displaying your social media details clearly, including QR codes – many of your visitors will do familiar enough with these signs to the rest unprompted.
• Follow up with visitors easily by offering and using their favorite social media methods.

• As well as being attractive, videos can take some pressure off sales staff, allowing them to avoid repeating messages while focusing on more personalized interactions.
• With interactive screens, visitors can enter their details and choose how they would like to be contacted. Some people will prefer to avoid human interaction for diary maintenance, even at a trade show.

You should make the most of technology for organizing your post-trade-show communications. You can schedule posts and use email campaigns to follow up with leads. Technology allows much of this to be automated, which saves you time and money while avoiding having visitors slip through your fingers. When it’s time for a more personal interaction, a business representative can easily step in.

A great goal for a trade show is to make your booth so good that people want to share it with their network and come back with their colleagues. The good news is that a booth this good is typically rewarding for the exhibitors and the visitors.

When you know that you’ve put your customer first, you don’t need to over-think your performance at a trade show. An interactive, thoughtfully-designed booth with well-prepared staff keeps people coming back for more.

Planning and attending a trade show display can be a stressful experience, but with these strategies, you can make them more rewarding and something that more people look forward to. We like trade show solutions that are a win for your business and your visitors. Get in touch with The Exhibit Company to turn potential trade show nightmares into dreams that will make life better for everyone.