How Technology is Changing Trade Show Seminars

Offering seminars is one of the best ways to create excitement and attention for your trade show booth. Giving away valuable information or expertise is hugely desirable to the trade show attendees. And this practice also helps establish you as an industry expert.

Successful seminars are engaging, emotive, and motivate an audience. What you say is, of course, down to you, but you can create the right atmosphere and give your speech the “wow factor” by taking advantage of the latest technology.

With more and more innovative technology solutions coming to the market every year, it can be a tough choice deciding what to use. The right decisions, however, can elevate your seminar from mediocre to amazing. Here’s how technology is changing seminars for the better every year.

Limitless Screen Sizes
With modern home televisions reaching enormous proportions, no longer are we restricted to a 28-inch screen or a fuzzy projector to display our information. Screens can be as big as your budget allows and can offer crisp, bright UHD graphics perfect for showcasing the visual elements of any seminar.

Better Presentation-Building Software
Gone are the days where we rely on Powerpoint to add a visual element to our seminars. Graphics can now be as sophisticated as you wish and change dynamically and seamlessly with your presentation.

Many different companies produce software for creating presentations, from the super simple to the extremely complex. Choose one that fits your ability level or needs, and get creating.

3D Projectors
Somewhat budget-busting but entirely achievable, 3D projectors have become the latest “must-have” technology. Not only can you treat your audience to a stunning visual display, but you can achieve 3D effects without the need for special glasses.

You may have seen more famous examples of these displays, including projections onto the fronts of famous buildings or on people’s faces that make them appear to morph and change in a kaleidoscope of colors and images.

Virtual Reality
It is now effortless to immerse your audience in a world you create. With special goggles, you can transport your audience to another city, country, or even planet. There are no limits to what you can create within virtual reality, making this a precious technology for creating a truly memorable seminar experience.

Immersive Lighting
No longer limited to simple white spotlights, lighting for your trade show seminar can be incredibly complex, which is useful when you want to use light to create mood or atmosphere. You can use a computer to program any sequence you like, adding colors, effects, and even textures to the overall look. 

You can achieve an underwater feel, for example, by using soft, blue, rippling light. Using daylight bulbs can make people feel like they’re experiencing the pleasure of a sunny day, even when it’s dark and wintry outdoors.

Instant Messaging and Texting
Holding Q&A sessions can be challenging as often people are embarrassed to speak, or an audience might be too large to maintain a productive Q&A session. Technology has mitigated these problems by allowing easier interaction and closing the distance between audience and presenter. 

Seminar attendees can now use instant messenger or a texting service to ask their questions as the seminar unfolds. Additionally, people can send their questions in advance, or even after the seminar has finished. You can make question & answer posts public so people can refer to them any time.

Your Venue No Longer Restricts You
Live-streaming technology means you’re no longer restricted to presenting only to people physically in front of you. You can now broadcast to the entire world at the touch of a button.

Individuals who want to attend your seminar but are unable to get to the trade show no longer have to miss out. Those who miss the live showcase can watch it when it’s convenient for them. Also, if you have guest speakers who are unable to be present physically, you can live-stream their segment to your audience.

QR Codes
These little black and white squares have been around for a while. One good use for them is to incorporate them into trade shows. Instead of handing out a pack of paper with information on, audiences can now scan the QR code with their phones and download the information instantly without having to install an app. You can include access to all seminar notes and any other information within the QR code, making it a cost-effective alternative to printing physical copies.
You can download an app for just about anything. An app to complement your seminar needn’t be an exception. As well as including information, you could add a facility to send questions. Also consider alerts to say when and where the seminar is starting.

Gamification is another popular element in apps and can be effective for engaging audiences outside of the seminar. Add a quiz, competition, or challenge related to the seminar that people can get involved in. As well as boosting engagement with your app and your brand, it can be effective for generating leads. 

There’s no doubt that technology is changing trade show seminars. We now have access to software and hardware that allow us to create mind-blowing presentations without necessitating significant expense.

As with booth design, we recommend that you lead with the messages and information you want to share, not the tools that will get the job done. Decide on your seminar content before acquiring the technology. Choose a few elements that will compliment your presentation and don’t go overboard.

The key to technology in trade show seminars is to create immersive experiences that engage audiences before, during, and after the seminar. Do this well, and attendees will share their experience online, elevating your brand and helping you achieve your trade show goals.