Creating a PR Schedule for an Upcoming Trade Show

Creating a PR Schedule for an Upcoming Trade Show

Dec 20, 2018 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Creating a PR Schedule for an Upcoming Trade Show


Getting ready for a trade show entails completing several tasks. There are exhibit design solutions you’ll need to explore with your team. You’ll have to consider modular display systems and assemble a team to put together and break down your exhibit. Trade show planning also includes assigning the right employees the task of greeting and interacting with customers at the event.

PR is an important part of the trade show process as well. When you get the right media coverage, you’re more likely to attract customers, even those who can’t attend the show. Here are some helpful tips that will assist you in creating an executing a successful PR schedule.


Months Before the Show

About 12 weeks before the show, you and your team should put together a list of media outlets. These outlets should be ones that are connected to your industry. It would help if you also looked for major outlets, which are always looking to cover exciting corporate events. Narrow down your list and start reaching out to blogs, radio stations, and news outlets. This will get the word out about the trade show and let potential customers know that they should look for your booth. This is also the time to let journalists know you’d be willing to do pre-trade show interviews. The interviews will give listeners and viewers more insight into your business. Once potential customers know what you have to offer, they’ll remember you and visit your exhibit.


Weeks Before the Show

A few weeks before the trade show, compose a press release.  Send this to media outlets and post it on social media. This will remind people about the show and give more insight into your business. Be sure that the press release is edited a few times so that all the information is engaging and accurate. It’s also a good idea to create a press presentation once the press release is made public. You and your team should know exactly what to say to members of the press who attend the trade show. Your press presentation should be done earlier if you’re conducting pre-interviews. Create your press kit and make sure it’s available virtually and in print. You’ll need to give these out at the trade show. However, you’ll also need to send the kit electronically to media outlets that request it. This is also a good time to post about the trade show on social media. Start a “countdown” marketing message to get your followers excited and encourage them to interact with you.


Days Before the Show

Send the press release out one last time. Email the press release to your list of media contacts so that they can share it as well. Post on social media as well, letting everyone know that the trade show is the following day. Ask which of your followers will be attending and encourage them to come to your exhibit.

Be sure that your booth materials are ready to be assembled. Practice putting together and breaking down your exhibit with your team members. Make sure the accessories for your booth are ready. This includes a diffuser if you want a pleasant fragrance at the booth. You may also have a playlist or promotional materials that will be on the table. These should be packed and ready to display at the show.


After The Show

No more than a week after the trade show, send thank-you emails. Thank the media outlets who were willing to feature you. Thank the attendees who left their contact information with you. Post a thank-you message on social media to all the people who supported you. About two weeks after the show, create a PR report. This will help you properly document all the interviews you participated in. You will also have a record of all the media coverage and social media shares that helped to make the trade show a success. The report can also help you and your team evaluate the areas you want to improve.