Trade Show Networking Tips

Trade Show Networking Tips

Dec 6, 2018 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Trade Show Networking Tips

Having elaborate exhibits and displays at a trade show can bring more attention to your company and increase customer interest.
This is definitely important, since visual appeal is part of what turns attendees into customers.  However, you and your team should also have some networking tactics. Learning how to interact with other business owners and leave the trade show with potential business deals can be lucrative for your company. Just like you want to make a great impression on customers, you should be just as committed to ensuring that fellow business owners are intrigued by your company. Here are a few networking tips that will make your next trade show a success.


Keep Your Group Small

When you’re attending trade shows that are known for networking, don’t bring too many team members with you. One or two employees are likely best if you’re attending a large show and want to make sure you can address several customers at once. If your trade fair booth is filled with people you already know, other business owners will be less likely to approach you. If the trade show is small, you may even want to consider going alone.  Those who are considering doing business with you should feel comfortable coming to your exhibit and asking questions without feeling like you’re too busy to talk. Don’t be afraid to talk to other people at the trade show. Make sure that your demeanor is both professional and friendly. First impressions go a long way, especially when you want people to remember you.


Make Sure You’re Seen

Bannerstands and a display stand are great ways to showcase valuable marketing tools. Since you’re at the trade show to display quality products or tell people more about your services, your signage should be noticeable. This can break the ice when it comes to networking. If a business owner comes to your exhibit and compliments your sign, thank him/her and then ask about his/her business. This keeps the dialogue going and gives the two of you to determine if you should consider embarking on future business endeavors. You can also add lots of great features to your exhibit. If you have room, include a charging station in your exhibit. A popcorn or snow cone machine is also a great idea depending on the type of trade show you’re attending. When you’ve got something at your booth that immediately draws attention, it will be easier to attract the right people so that you can start networking.


Business Cards

Business cards are a traditional part of the networking process. However, cards in a unique shape or style can make your business one to remember. Work with your team to come up with creative business card designs before the trade show. Business cards that are one of a kind also increase brand recognition. When fellow business owners find themselves in need of the services you provide, they’ll be more likely to call you.


Promo Items

Everyone likes free stuff. That’s why promotional items can make networking more effective. If you’ve got a product that is one of the most popular in your inventory, provide a product demo or sample. Other companies need to know that you’re confident in your industry before they consider partnering with you for upcoming projects. You can also provide discount cards or coupon codes to those you’re networking with. Encourage people to try what you’re offering at a discounted price and to give you honest feedback. This gives you a reason to continue communicating with other business owners. This enhances the effects of networking weeks or even months after the trade show.