Keeping Up Your Energy During Trade Shows

Keeping Up Your Energy During Trade Shows

Jan 22, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibitions

Keeping Up Your Energy During Trade Shows


Preparing for a trade show can be hard work. Maintaining your energy during the show can be a challenge as well. Even after your exhibits and displays are properly arranged and you’ve assigned specific tasks to your team, continuous energy is important.
The right exhibit design solutions can ensure you’re not too exhausted during trade shows. You’ll need the stamina to break down your exhibit after the show and travel back to your home office, if the show is out of town. Here are a few practical ways to make sure you’re not too exhausted during the trade show experience.


Eat a Balanced Breakfast

Eat a hearty breakfast the morning of the trade show. The more nutrients you feed your body, the more energized you’ll be. Try to stay away from high-sugar foods like pastries and sweet breakfast cereals. You may have energy for an hour or two, but you’re likely to feel a huge slump in energy soon after. Whole grains like oatmeal and barley are a filling breakfast, even if you’re on the go. You can add fresh fruit and organic seeds and nuts for more vitamins and minerals. Healthy, low-carb breakfasts like frittatas with fresh vegetables or fruits can also keep you energized and full until lunch time. It’s also a good idea for you and your team to meet at the trade show site an hour or so before the show. This allows you to enjoy a healthy meal together and engage in any last-minute preparation tasks.


Have Snacks and Water On Hand

When you’re at corporate events, it may be difficult to eat lunch or dinner at the time you normally would. Having a few healthy snacks with you can stave off your hunger until you’re able to have a meal. Foods like almonds and cashews are full of protein, and go great with dried fruit. The combination is a sweet and salty treat that keeps you energized and fuels your brain. All-natural meat jerkies are another tasty protein source that will keep you from getting too tired at the trade show booth. Be sure to have lots of water with you as well. Water is necessary for hydrating your cells, and can even reduce hunger pangs. When you’re not focused on hunger or thirst, you can better engage with attendees.


Take Breaks

Take short breaks when you can. Spending hours interacting with potential customers can be mentally taxing. To ensure that you’re friendly and inviting with each attendee, it’s necessary to step away from the trade show booth for a few minutes. You can spend this time getting some fresh air and walking around the trade show site. Or, you can use your break to have a snack or simply take a few deep breaths. Even if you only get a minute or two, a short break can help clear your head and boost your energy.



Finally, take a minute or two to meditate. You can do this before the trade show or in between meeting with attendees. Focus your attention on the outcome you want for the trade show. Picture potential customers saying positive things about your products and services. Envision successfully executing product demos. See yourself full of knowledge and energy, so that you can communicate with attendees in this manner.

Meditation can also help to soothe your nervousness about the trade show. When you concentrate on the positive outcome you want to see at the trade show, you’ll be intent on making it happen.