The Best Fragrances for Your Trade Show Booth

The Best Fragrances for Your Trade Show Booth

Dec 18, 2018 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

The Best Fragrances for Your Trade Show Booth


Whether you’re preparing for a first-time trade show or are a trade show pro, you know that preparation is more than exhibits and displays.
The feeling that attendees get when they come to your exhibit is important. Attendees should have a great impression of your business and want to become long-term consumers. They should also be motivated to share information about your company with others. This means that your trade show booth ambience has to be effective. One of the ways to do this is by adding fragrance to your displays. The scent(s) shouldn’t be too overwhelming in case attendees are sensitive. However, a scent that draws customers in and helps to tell the story of your business is ideal. Here are a few fragrance ideas to choose from.


Scents That Denote Success

When attendees approach your booth, you want them to see past the display rentals and get a real feel of your company. Scents like honeysuckle and almond are effective when you want attendees to know that your business is successful. These scents are not overpowering, but are pleasant and attention-getting. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show during fall or winter, cinnamon is a great choice as well. Cinnamon is an inviting scent that can be both professional and festive. For a scent that is energizing and indicative of profits or money, red ginger and bergamot are ideal scents. These fragrances can be invigorating when used in moderation, and may attract more people to your booth. Choose from this list if you sell items that help to make life more efficient. For instance, if you sell software that keeps people organized, these fragrances can help you increase your client base.


Scents That Are Welcoming

You can use fragrances to attract people to your booth. This will get them talking about your company even before they see everything you have to offer. Scents like jasmine and lavender can make your booth especially appealing. These floral scents also help to relax people and make them more comfortable asking questions and participating in product demos. If you’re exhibiting during the holiday season, peppermint and apple are also ideal scents. These fragrances give customers the impression that you’re friendly and approachable. Peppermint and apple scents can also remind people of home or familiar environments. A musk essential oil is effective when attracting trade show attendees as well. Musk is warm and inviting, and is often used in perfumes to make them especially appealing. If you’re selling food items or products that are geared toward families, these fragrances help to solidify your marketing message.


Scents that Inspire

A fragrance that wakes up a sense of inspiration in people make your exhibit design solutions even more appealing. Chamomile and green tea scents are ideal when you want to inspire others. Fragrances that smell like fresh herbs, such as basil and rosemary, are used for mental clarity. These are great to use at your booth if you’re promoting items that help to reduce brain fog and enhance concentration. Warm fragrances like sandalwood can also inspire customers to learn more about how your business benefits them. You can also combine herbal scents with lemon or orange fragrances. This adds a bit of sweetness and balances the bitter notes in herbal oils. If your products are edible, use the ingredients in the items for inspiration. For instance, lemongrass and anise work well if you are selling baked goods. These scents also appeal to attendees if your edible items are made from fresh fruit or vegetables.  If you’re selling products that are environmentally friendly, or items that are designed for creativity and relaxation, these fragrances are perfect for your exhibit.