Trade Show Exhibits for Elderly Consumers

Trade Show Exhibits for Elderly Consumers

Jan 8, 2019 | Trade Show Exhibitions

Trade Show Exhibits for Elderly Consumers


At times, trade shows are designed to appeal to particular audiences. If you’re attending a trade show mainly for elderly consumers, there are several things to keep in mind. There are specific needs that elderly customers have. These consumers also want to be treated with respect and are more up-to-date on changes in the market than previous elderly generations. Attracting the right demographic and retaining their business is a matter of understanding and caring about your consumers. These suggestions could make your next consumer-specific trade show a success.


Consider New Exhibit Design Solutions

If your audience is mainly elderly, make adjustments to your exhibits and displays.

Create a display stand a little lower than normal, so consumers can access it easily. Make the verbiage on your banners and signs slightly larger, so it’s easy for elderly customers to see, even from far away. Make sure your electronic product demos are easy to use and have clear, concise instructions. Many elderly consumers are happy to engage in technology, as long as they can learn quickly. Don’t assume that your customers don’t want to use electronic devices. Elderly consumers are aware technology has considerably changed the way we do business. An exhibit that sends the message that this demographic is still intelligent and valued is important.


Include Comfortable Flooring

The right flooring at the exhibit can make elderly consumers feel welcomed. If your customers have to stand for long periods of time to view your modular exhibit systems, they may become disinterested. Shock-resistant flooring that is still visually appealing is easier on the joints. This type of flooring can also prevent pain and discomfort. You may also want to consider carpeting for your exhibit. It’s soft, plush, and makes your attendees feel at home.


Slow the Pace Down

Elderly consumers may sometimes feel rushed at corporate events. You can change this by slowing down the pace a bit when attendees visit your exhibit. Take the time to answer their questions and show them product demos more than once, if necessary. Assign team members who have experience dealing with elderly consumers. Ask attendees if there are things they’d like to see in your products or services.

You can even play relaxing music to compliment the design of trade show displays and exhibits. In addition to the lower tables and handicap-accessible displays, the right music can make a great impression. Light rock or jazz are great instrumental choices. Or, you can play hits from past decades. This brings back great memories and may motivate your attendees to stay at your booth a little longer. You can even set up fun activities like karaoke at your exhibit for attendees to enjoy.


Offer Free Samples

Offering free samples at your exhibition stands can attract consumers of any age. However, you’re likely to appeal to elderly customers if you offer practical items that are free of charge. Baked goods are often a hit, as well as promo items that can be worn daily, like hats or t-shirts. This demographic enjoys getting items that they can actually use in daily life, as well as items that are pleasurable and serve a specific purpose.

Elderly consumers may also enjoy games or raffles to win free prizes. Holding a small raffle every hour or so will draw more attention to your booth on a consistent basis. Celebrating the winners with victory music or by giving the winners a paper sash or crown is ideal as well. Show your consumers how much you value their business. Your appreciation can increase the chances that you’ll have long-term customers after the trade show.