Trade Show Contests That Could Make You The Big Winner

Trade Show Contests That Could Make You The Big Winner

Sep 13, 2018 | Social Media, Trade Show Exhibitions


Trade Show Contests Definitely Have Benefits

When you’re preparing to have your company featured at a trade show, holding a few contests for the people who will visit your booth definitely has its benefits. The contest immediately makes your exhibit more inviting. Those who win the contests will be more likely to tell others about your business. Organizing a game for attendees to play will also make their time at the booth more memorable. This means they will likely contact your business when it’s time to purchase the products and services you offer.

Here are a few contest ideas for customers that you can include in your trade show presentation.


For lucky draw event ideas, have a raffle that encourages attendees to come to your booth often. Place signage at your booth to show the times that you’ll be announcing winners. Encourage attendees to take a token or ticket with them when they come to your exhibit. This way, people will know to keep checking in with you throughout the trade show and will be listening for their names. You can give prizes like a sample of your newest services or products, or partner with other businesses to put a prize package together. For instance, a gift basket with edible treats from your company, along with coffee or energy drinks from a partnering business makes a great gift. Or, you can put together a bag filled with technology-related items from your company. Mouse pads or tablet covers, along with USB drives or chargers from a business you’ve partnered with are great prize ideas.

Puzzle or Matching Game

Other creative contest ideas include games that involve matching images or putting a puzzle together. Include a large screen at your booth that customers can use to put a puzzle together that reveals your logo. The puzzle can also reveal the words coordinating with the prize the customer has won (i.e. a free month’s subscription to a service or a free meal), with your logo at the bottom of the image.

You can also use the screen to create a matching game for attendees to play. The images to match can include your most popular products, your logo, and even your hashtags or social media handles. Bingo can also be included in the fun trade show activities you can play with attendees. Give each attendee a card and call out the squares to fill at random times during the trade show so that attendees can mark off the squares and redeem the bingo cards for a prize.

Social Media Games

Booth game ideas that connect attendees to your social media accounts are great for engaging potential customers. Encourage people to follow your Facebook or Instagram accounts before the trade show and provide small prizes for those who can prove that they follow your accounts when they come to your exhibit. You can also provide prizes for the first 10 or 15 people who follow your social media pages while they’re at your exhibit. People who post a picture of themselves at your booth or live stream themselves at your exhibit can also receive a prize if they show you that the footage has been uploaded and your business has been tagged. These interactive booth games can make attendees more interested in what you have to offer and may prompt them to do more research about your company after the trade show.

The Exhibit Booth

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