Trade Show Booth Music That Appeals to Attendees

Trade Show Booth Music That Appeals to Attendees

Dec 11, 2018 | Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Trade Show Booth Music That Appeals to Attendees


After you’ve selected the right display stand and modular exhibit systems for your trade show exhibit, you may want to consider trade show music. This helps to set the tone for the exhibit. Music can also let attendees know more about your business. Before putting a playlist together, consider the overall feel of the trade show and the message you want to send to attendees. Here are some music suggestions that can make your exhibit one of the most appealing at the show.


Classical Music

Classical music is a great choice for corporate events. The music is instrumental, so you won’t run the risk of attendees being offended by any of the lyrics. Classical music is also soothing and has a positive effect on the brain. Attendees who come to your booth will likely feel relaxed and comfortable when asking questions about your services and products. The music also gives the impression that your brand is refined and distinguished. So, even if you’re offering discounted items, attendees will get the feeling that they’re getting a quality product.



Jazz can be upbeat or mellow. Choose the playlist that best fits the character of your company. Jazz music has the ability to make your business appear classic if you choose music from timeless composers. Or, you can opt for modern jazz fusion tunes to give the impression that your products are high-quality yet appealing to today’s consumer. Various forms of jazz are usually fine for conservative trade shows. The music is not too overwhelming, even if you have to turn it up to attract attendees. If your customer base is composed of people who are eclectic, jazz will likely be best for your exhibit. There is always something new to discover in a jazz piece, and you will want the customer to get the impression that this describes your business as well.



Your exhibits and displays will likely be more exciting for consumers if you play oldies. Playing songs that will remind attendees of their childhoods or special times in their lives is attractive and nostalgic. Oldies also give the indication that your products are tried and true. When customers feel they are getting a product that will stand the test of time, they will be more likely to buy. Keep in mind that oldies can encompass any music from decades past. If your core demographic is older adults, who do not want complicated products, songs from the 60s and 70s may be appropriate. If you are appealing to middle-aged consumers with families, who want no-fuss products that make life easier, the 80s and 90s hits are best. “Oldies” from the early 2000s are also fitting if you have a younger customer base. The type of oldies you select should also be based on your target market. If you know that most of your customers are fans of classic rock or old school hip hop, incorporate these tunes into the playlist.


Pop Hits  

Music from the present day sends a clear message to attendees as well. When you play popular hits from various genres, you’re showing customers that you know what they want. You’re sending the message that you’re aware of current fashion and technology trends. This gives attendees the impression that you have the products that will help them impress their family and friends. Playing pop hits also gives the impression that you’re willing to continue working to make your services and products competitive. Popular music continues to change and includes a mixture of new sounds and vintage influences. If your business believes in the same principles, there’s a good chance that your customers will become long-term consumers.