Successful Social Media Strategies at Your Next Trade Show

Successful Social Media Strategies at Your Next Trade Show

Aug 31, 2018 | Social Media, Trade Show Exhibitions

Incorporate Social Media Into Your Trade Show Strategy Plan

Part of preparing for a trade show means that you’ll need to have a clear strategy for how people will get in touch with you after the event. You’ll also need to incorporate social media into your trade show strategy plan so that you can stay connected with prospective customers as well as those who are established clients. Here are some of the creative and interesting ways that you can make social media part of your trade show success.

Social Media Booth

 A social media booth that allows attendees to take pictures with Instagram or Facebook signs makes your exhibit attractive and memorable. Be sure to include all your social media information on the frames that attendees use to take pictures for even more brand recognition.


When you’re using social media at events, live streaming will definitely come in handy. You can record the activities going on at your booth in real time, and even conduct short interviews with attendees to get reviews on your services and products. Be sure to post your live streaming footage on all your social media channels to increase the interest of followers who are not able to attend the trade show.

Social Media Contests

Hold a contest at the trade show or before the trade show so that you can give out promo items to people who follow your social media accounts. For instance, you can give a prize to the first 25 people who follow your trade show social media page if you’re making a new account just for the event. Or, you can find out who will be attending the show and give out a marketing item to the five people who have been following you on social media for the longest period of time. This motivates people to keep up with you online and gives you a way to connect with them once you meet them in person at your trade show booth. This will help you make a great impression on customers that will last well after the trade show.


Use event and company hashtags to make it easy for people on social media to see all the posts and photos from your trade show booth. This is also a great trade show marketing idea if you want people to find and follow your social media pages in order to win contests or to be featured on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. You can even create a hashtag that is just for the trade show. In the weeks and days leading up to the show, post the hashtag on social media and encourage people to include the hashtag in their posts when they upload pictures or status updates from the event. This helps to let more people know about the show and can bring more positive attention to your business. Be sure that all the pictures you post on your timeline are high quality and try to include some video footage that shows attendees asking important questions at your booth and taking pictures during your product demos.

These social media booth ideas will help to make your exhibit more appealing at the actual show and will help customers to remember your company after the event. Be sure to encourage attendees to follow you on all your social media channels so they can keep up with new product launches along with the promotional campaigns that you offer. These social media booth ideas are also a great way for you to get leads which can turn into new customers.

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