As COVID-19 spreads to all corners of the globe and becomes the “talk” of social distancing has now faced us, we realize how important this is. Health experts are recommending this practice in efforts to contain the coronavirus that has infected more than 100,000 and killed thousands worldwide.

Health officials restricting many large public gatherings, closure of schools and libraries; cancelling events in order to slow the spread of this disease- this is NOW a reality in our day to day lives.

With proper handwashing of 20 seconds, this alone can play a major role in keeping us all healthy- making sure we are not touching our face throughout the day, shaking hands, hugging individuals… this is the “new” norm, at least for some time ahead. This is truly a global effort that requires all our cooperation!

With all of this vastly disrupting our day to day lives, we want to reach out to our customers and communicate how grateful we are. We feel confident that this will pass, and we will all be on the road to “tradeshows” and “large” event soon, if we all do our part.

Health and well being of our clients are always our top priority! During this time, we are still open and working with our clients- so give us a call! We are ready to provide you with our service for any event that you may be preparing for – Art of videoconferencing, mini media walls, graphics, banner stands, backdrops for meetings and conferences and much more!