Simple but Important Things to Remember About Trade Show Banners

Simple. Important. We think these are the perfect words to use for discussing trade show banners.

It’s well-established that trade show banners can be critical to trade show success, but too many businesses forget that the why is down to them. Here are important but simple things to remember to ensure that your banners work for you.

Remember to Identify Your Goals

Banners will attract attention and get more visitors over to your booth, but they should also communicate a message. Knowing what you want and getting it from your banner can be critical to your trade show success.

Consider whether you want to:

• generate new leads
• boost social sharing
• increase brand awareness or recognition
• relaunch your branding
• launch a product

This is not an exhaustive list of what your banner can do for you but a reminder of how to think about banner design.

Remember Your Banner Must Work at a Distance

It’s one thing to design a banner on a computer monitor and another to see it over people’s heads from across a busy convention center. It can take some expertise to visualize how a banner on screen will look when printed and installed.

Stick to good design principles. And keep in mind that once people are standing in front of you at your booth, your banner’s work with them is largely done.

Remember that People Approach from Various Directions

One banner might be enough for your trade show stand, but it depends on the venue, your position within it, and how you’ve designed your booth. Having one banner can limit your visibility to one angle, which is often undesirable.

A better approach might be to use several banners. The exact number and arrangement will depend on your location and your goals, but using multiple banners will mean that you don’t have to rely on people being in a certain position before your stand gets their attention.

Remember to Plan Your Trade Show Banner Well in Advance

You can get away with not wearing matching socks during a busy trade show, but imagine making a similar mistake on a trade show banner, the very purpose of which is to attract attention. Of all parts of your booth design, your trade show banner needs special care.

As well as the banner taking time to design, your manufacturer will require time to print and deliver it. We recommend that you give yourself time to make changes to the banner before the event, too.

Remember that Less is More

Paragraphs tend not to be eye-catching. Attracting attention is the work of colors, images, great design, and carefully chosen headlines. Don’t fall into the trap of asking your banners to communicate in-depth information. Leave that to your blog posts, other marketing materials, and your staff.

Ask yourself if your trade show banner communicates your brand and message within three seconds. If not, you need a redesign.

Remember Your Branding

Your banner is a great opportunity to reinforce your branding and improve brand awareness and brand recognition. Still, these simple elements can get lost in the desire to attract attention, which tempts some businesses to use colors, images, and styles that do not represent their brands at all.

A professional designer will be able to reconcile the two so that you get a trade show banner that:

• stands out
• attracts attention
• communicates a message
• is a clear fit with your branding
• includes your company name and logo

Remember to Make Your Company Name Stand Out

Making your company name stand out on a trade show banner is not only a question of size. Clear design can make even a relatively small font stand out on a banner. One way to make a company name stand out, for example, is simply to place it in the header section, which is where most people will expect to find it.

Whatever your choice, we advise against burying your company name and having it appear like an afterthought. Your branding can be tasteful and clear without being over-the-top.

Remember Social Media

Just because you’re at an in-person event, doesn’t mean you should go on a digital detox. A trade show is an ideal place to share your website URL and social media details so that visitors can connect with you.

Social media tags are typically short and can be accompanied by well-known social media logos so that they are easily identifiable. They work very well on trade show banners.

Remember to Observe Trade Show Rules

While there are standard or typical sizes for banners, it’s best to remember to get in touch with your venue before you have them made. Different shows have varying requirements when it comes to the size of your banners, how many you can have, and what you can put on them.

Remember to Break the Rules

There’s a fine line between tried-and-tested and tired-and-tested. We recommend keeping an eye on the trends, what works for other businesses, and what has worked for you in the past. Stay creative. Go with some hunches. And don’t be afraid to go against the curve if that means you will stand out while remaining true to your brand values.

Remember Not to Break the Bank

A better banner doesn’t necessarily cost more money. The best version of any trade show banner design is often the simplest. This can equate to cost savings. A well-designed trade show banner will certainly save you money when you consider that it will result in:

• better engagement
• more leads
• more conversions
• improved ROI

Trade show banners are integral to any exhibition. By understanding your space, your customers, and your business, you will be able to make great design choices that help trade show banners work harder and more effectively for you.